Clever Ways To Use Empty Cat Litter Containers Around Your Home And Garden

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Every cat owner knows how important it is to purchase lots of litter, as it needs to be replaced frequently. In fact, an average 25-pound container of cat litter will typically last no longer than six to eight weeks. Further, depending on how many felines one has and how frequently the litter subsequently needs changing, it could even last as little as two to three weeks. This means that pet owners typically go through lots of these plastic containers, and most people just throw them away once they're empty. However, before you trash yet another cat litter container, imagine all the ways it could be repurposed around your home and garden.

The possibilities with these perfectly-good containers are truly endless. Larger types can be turned into nifty stools, while smaller ones can be upcycled into clever storage baskets for many items, from bird seed to magazines. They can also be easily repurposed into trash cans for every nook and corner of your home. Don't overlook the many upcycling and DIY ideas that are right under your nose; instead, consider using those empty cat litter containers for various indoor and outdoor projects.

Container gardening

Container gardening has long been a beloved method of growing all the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that your heart desires. Your empty cat litter containers can be utilized for this compartmentalized gardening by drilling drainage holes into the bottom. Depending on the type of container, you may also need to cut the top off and can take creative freedom with painting it to fit your aesthetic. Hobby Lobby's Krylon Coarse Texture Spray Paint can turn the gaudy plastic look into one that resembles stone or ceramic.

Bird seed storage

For anyone who frequently feeds birds, you know that bird seed is best stored outside in cool and dry locations, like in a garage or shed. Old cat litter containers make for accessible storage and allow you to say goodbye to the flimsy plastic bags that are easily infiltrated by insects and other critters. Not only will the container provide added protection, but it will also help eliminate the often-unavoidable messes that come with all the tiny seeds. You can also seamlessly distribute it from the container to your feathered visitors' feeders as needed, since many litter containers come with a handle, making them easy to carry.

Mini trash cans

We all need various small trash cans around our homes — one in each bathroom, one for the office, and you can't forget about the laundry room for gathering dryer lint. Utilizing empty cat litter containers for this purpose is a genius hack that will save you money. Given that trash cans are usually unseen, tucked away into corners, or hidden under sinks, their exterior is of little importance. So, whether you choose to adjust the look of the container by adding paint and decorative tape or keep it as-is, it'll do its job and collect your trash without costing you any money.

Garden seat

Empty cat litter containers, specifically those incredibly large yellow 35-pound buckets, can be turned into garden stools to aid in low-to-the-ground work or to take those much-needed breaks on hot summer days. Given that neon yellow might not be everyone's favorite color, get creative with paints, decorative tapes, and various chair cushions. For instance, you could purchase the Zyhoone Chair Pad, originally made for dining room chairs, on Amazon and attach it to the top of the container. You'll also be able to store whatever you want like gardening supplies inside the bucket for easy access. 

Harvest buckets

One of the most exciting parts of summer is when it's finally time to gather our fresh and ripe produce from the garden. However, finding baskets and containers that work well for collecting all your fruits and vegetables can leave you scouring the cupboards and cabinets looking for something that will do. But, the answer is right under your nose with recycled cat litter containers that can be washed and reused in the garden. They are typically spacious, can hold a lot of weight, and have a firm handle to make carrying them on your arm easy-peasy. 

Potting soil bins

Keeping our potting soil, whether for indoor plants or outdoor use, in plastic bags typically results in a mess whenever you need to access it. But rather than going out and buying expensive bins to store your soil in, make use of the old cat litter containers you were going to throw out. They already come with a lid and a handle, making it easy to carry them around and use as needed. 

Watering can

Are you tired of constantly making trips from the garden to refill the watering can that just doesn't hold enough water at a time, but also find that the hose is much too strong for your needs? Make your own watering can with an empty 20-pound cat litter container. These are the perfect shape for a makeshift watering can and will hold an ample amount of water at a time. Unscrew the lid and poke as many holes as you feel necessary. Fill it up with water, put back on the cap, and voilà, you've got a new and efficient gardening tool.

Magazine and book storage

One of those handy-dandy 20-pound containers of cat litter can make a perfect storage bin for things like books, magazines, and newspapers. By removing the top and cutting out two equal ovals in the sides near the opening, you'll be left with a plastic bin that will fit numerous works, which you can then slide snugly onto a shelf in the office or playroom. And let's not forget it could easily fit in the nook right next to the toilet so you always have good reading material on hand. Wrap soft yarn around the makeshift handles to make carrying the case more comfortable.