The Stunning Dollar Tree DIY For That Empty Space On Your Wall

Empty space on a wall can be hard to fill — adding too much artwork can make it feel busy, while not adding enough decor will leave it looking lackluster and bare. There are many savvy ways to decorate a large, empty wall, including painting it, adding a mirror, or creating a gallery display. If you need to liven up the wall behind your couch, greenery or shelves are a unique way to do it. But for smaller spaces, it can get a bit tricker.

If you have an empty space on your wall that is driving you crazy, we may have a solution for you that costs less than a week's worth of your morning lattes. Dede's Home Interior on TikTok created a DIY decor piece that, surprisingly, is made entirely from plastic serving bowls that can be found at your local Dollar Tree. Not quite convinced? This easy DIY proves that, with a bit of love and creativity, you can turn any item into something truly stunning.

How to create the Dollar Tree DIY

This isn't the first time we've used an uber inexpensive product from Dollar Tree to create something magnificent — just take a look at this pool noodle hack. For this art DIY, all you need is a hot glue gun, a large poster board, some faux crystals, and these wavy-square silver plastic serving bowls from Dollar Tree. Once you have your materials, Dede's Home Interior shows us how to glue the pieces together and to the board before adding a bit of glue to the bottom of each bowl and sprinkling the crystals inside. They then stand the art up against the wall for an instant eye-catching decor item.

To customize the art, you can switch out the crystals for other items. One TikTok commenter suggested adding faux plants, but you can also tailor it to your home by adding fake seashells, also found at Dollar Tree, or different colored gems. And while the serving bowls from Dollar Tree only come in a silver color, you can get even more creative with this DIY by expanding your search and using options like these clear ones (a 4-pack is under $15) or these black ones, which come in a pack of 6 for $22. If you want to get really fancy with this wall art idea, consider drilling a hole into each of the serving bowls and adding LED lights for flashy, party-ready decor. You can find LED lights in assorted colors for under $10 to tailor it to your home or party vibe.