Light Up Your Space With TikTok's Stunning DIY Dollar Tree Wall Sconce

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If you're in dire need of extra light around the house but don't want to purchase new fixtures, then you'll want to try making a light fixture to illuminate your darker areas. TikTok user @christinem00n shows how to create a gorgeous DIY wall sconce for your entryway, hallway, bathroom, and bedroom with a couple of small glass candle holders, LED lights, and Command strips. 

The stars of the DIY are the votive candle holders from Dollar Tree. The TikToker purchases a stunning green glass with a gold base. Dollar Tree only sells an all-green holder online, but you can check your local Dollar Tree for other variations. You can purchase the other materials from Amazon, including the UV resin kit, gold washi tape, LED lights, and gorilla glue. Hobby Lobby sells plexiglass and Command strips. If you're purchasing the items all at once, this won't be the most affordable DIY project, but you can save a few dollars if you have some of the items at home. However, while this hack is easy to accomplish, brightens a dark room, and elevates a mundane wall, the burning question you might be thinking is, will it hold up well with the Command strips?

DIYing your wall sconce

TikTok user @christinem00n super glues the bottom of each votive candle holder together and seals the opening with caulk and gold washi tape, giving the illusion that they're connected. After attaching washi tape, use a couple of Command strips to tape the LED lights inside each candle holder. The tricky part of this DIY is gluing the candle holders to the plexiglass, which is why using a UV resin kit is vital. The resin and UV curing light allows the plexiglass and holders to stick together permanently. It's crucial to add enough resin to the surface and allow it to cure for the proper time to prevent the materials from falling apart. 

Once the resin is cured, attach two command strips to the backside of the plexiglass and press it firmly on the wall, following the prep instructions. A set of 3M mounting Command strips can hold up to 1 pound, which can cause uneasiness with two glass candle holders. Average votive candle holders weigh 2 ½ pounds when they're 5 inches tall with a 4-inch diameter. However, the Dollar Tree holders are 3 inches tall with a 2 ½-inch diameter, so they weigh less, yet that doesn't mean the wall sconce is safe. Depending on the style of candle holders you choose, if you feel it will be too heavy, the TikToker notes that you can drill it into the wall.