The Best Paintbrush For Exterior Trim Is No Secret Anymore

If you've ever tried painting your home's exterior trim with a cheap $10 paintbrush, you know the results aren't always superior. Affordable paintbrushes help get the job done but don't give lasting or perfect results. Instead of struggling to paint your exterior trim with a low-quality brush, you need the Paint Life Supply Co.'s Premier Riverdale Paint Brush to make your painting process run smoother and quicker, eliminating all the stress and extra touch-ups that come from using a flimsy paintbrush. The Premier Riverdale is high-quality and more expensive than your average paintbrush, tallying up to $20.89 in three sizes from 2 to 3 inches wide at Paint Life Supply Co. However, it works to carry more paint to the end of the brush, preventing fewer dips into the paint can, which can help you paint the exterior trim faster.

You might wonder how the Premier Riverdale works better than other brushes. It's made with Dupont Chinex filaments that are smooth, stiff, and have non-natural bristles, allowing the paintbrush to hold more paint for a smooth coat over harsh surfaces like exterior trim. This unique feature sets it apart from other paintbrushes, especially low-quality ones, and numerous are available. Whether you're a professional painter or DIYer, this product could take your projects to the next level. By gathering feedback from customers and experts online, we'll look at various ways this paintbrush performs to let you decide if you want to add this practical tool to your collection.

Users and experts find the Chinex paintbrush effective

Customers from various platforms, such as Amazon and Paint Life Supply Co., claim the Premier Riverdale Paint Brush is a high-quality brush that makes painting exterior trim effortless. Many users comment that the paintbrush is easy to use, clean, and valuable for its price. Other customers rave over the handle's comfort and the filament's sturdiness, claiming the Premier Riverdale holds its shape after many uses. The Premier paintbrush has multiple ratings and over 4.5 stars across the platforms. One Paint Life Supply Co. customer claimed, "Only used it a few days but love it already. Comfortable to hold, keeps its shape and most importantly super quick clean up compared to my other brushes." The Dupont Chinex filaments prevent paint from adhering to the brush and keep it stiff for more extended wear and clean lines.

Paint experts, such as The Idaho Painter, highly recommend the Premier Riverdale Paint Brush. He states the Premier paintbrush effectively paints any exterior and doesn't give you a hard time when you're ready to clean it. Properly packaging and storing your brushes after cleaning them will also help them last longer. If your average paintbrush is hardening at the end of the day or doesn't glide over the trim smoothly, then the Premier Riverdale paintbrush is a must-have for you. It's straightforward to use and will last you years instead of days or months. However, there is a downside to the brush.

The paintbrush won't work as well with every type of primer

While the Premier Riverdale paintbrush is excellent for providing a sleek finish on exterior trim, there is one con to consider. One customer discussed the difficulty of applying a thin primer to the surface, whereas they had no issue applying a thick coat of paint. While they eventually applied the thin primer with the paintbrush, it took longer to use than the paint. Even though there are different thickness levels for primer and paint, everyone won't use the same primer to prep their surface. In addition, the number of primer coats depends on how dark your surface is. However, if you tend to use thinner primer around your home, this paintbrush might not meet your standards, yet you could always use it for your paint cans. The paintbrush is meant for latex and oil-based paint, stains, primers, and low-VOC and high-viscosity paints, per Paint Life Supply Co. Of course, you can always switch primers to prevent using two different types of paintbrushes for the exterior you're going to paint.

Our feedback was gathered from various online platforms, including expert reviews and recommendations, to offer you all the information needed when deciding to purchase this item. The reviews are based on a five-star rating system, where we found many of the users raving over the product, especially first-time users. While there is a downside, the product excelled for most customers.