Change The Way You Install Your Toilet Rim Cleaner (& Let The Magic Happen)

Toilet rim cleaners are great for keeping your toilet fresh. They essentially do a mini clean each time you flush so toilet bowl stains don't build up as fast. However, as helpful as they are, the blocks often don't stay in place. Though they are designed to fit under the rim, they have a tendency to move around. This alternate way of installing toilet rim blocks is super simple but will stop you from constantly having to reposition them. Best of all, it's a one-step process.

The TikTok hack moves the whole unit inside the bowl, eliminating the annoying shifting. A hook positioned over the rim of the toilet could even start to look dirty faster even if you clean regularly.  Plus, cleaning your toilet bowl's rim will be easier with the hook out of the way. So, thanks to a simple switch, you can wedge the cleaning pods in the back of the bowl and out of the way.

This positioning is not only more functional but also less likely to attract dirt

Instead of putting the toilet bowl cleaner under the lid like you usually would, place it at the very back of your toilet. Make sure to nudge it up into position and slide the hook into the bowl's built-in holes so it doesn't come loose. Unlike when the cleaner is at the side under the toilet seat or lid, this position will mean it won't get nudged or be moved whenever the seat or lid shifts. 

This hack will work for most toilets, but some may not have a deep enough section at the back for the blocks to slide under. Additionally, while this toilet rim block position may not attract as much dirt, you should still regularly clean anything that sits in your toilet. Regularly swap them out for best results and to get rid of any bacteria that are building up.