Keep Your Cleaning Towels Organized With This Affordable Dollar Tree Find

Even after you finally figure out how to make your cleaning towels look new after each wash and fold them the right way, there's still the issue of keeping them organized. After all, it's super frustrating to have all your cleaning towels folded and packed away, only to forget where you put the one you need when it's time to use it. Then, when trying to find that one towel, you may create a giant mess of unfolded fabrics. Luckily, Dollar Tree has the perfect product to keep all of your cleaning towels orderly so you always have easy access to the exact one you want. The Laundry Essentials Heavier Weight 7-Pocket Organizer is available for only $1.25 at Dollar Tree and could make organizing all your towels a breeze. 

This product has seven clear mesh pockets and a gray exterior, meaning that it could match a number of interior design styles. Meant to lay down flat on its back instead of being hung vertically (like some other mesh organizers), this piece is about 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. The product is quite versatile and able to organize a large number of items, including clothes, toiletries, toys, office supplies, and basically anything else you desire. However, these organizers may be best suited for keeping all your small cleaning towels orderly.

Benefits of using this mesh organizer

This Dollar Tree product is described as heavier weight, leading us to assume that it's quite durable and can hold a fair amount of items without breaking. Mesh fabrics are typically durable in general, so you shouldn't have to worry about being extra gentle when handling this product. It should last for years without showing signs of any wear and tear (unless you don't take care of it, of course). If used for towels, you shouldn't have to worry at all, since they're so lightweight. 

Further, because it's made out of mesh, the organizer is also easy to carry, as it doesn't weigh much. This would benefit those who may want to store their cleaning towels in one area of the home, like the laundry room, but mostly use them in another space, like the kitchen. Unlike a stiff plastic organizer, when not in use, you could fold up this mesh piece and tuck it away somewhere so it doesn't take up any extra room. This could be especially helpful for those who live in a small space like a dorm room or apartment. Finally, mesh materials are typically easy to clean, so it shouldn't require extensive maintenance if it gets dirty or stained. Simply wipe down the surface with a wet rag and, if necessary, a mild cleaner.

Tips for organizing towels with this product

In addition to the easygoing and lightweight material, the beauty of this mesh product is that you can keep it pretty much anywhere in your home. If you're the type that hates leaving cleaning products out in the open, the mesh, flexible structure will allow you to place it in a tight drawer or small cabinet. On the other hand, TikToker India Simmons posted a video noting that the item helps organize her microfiber cloths and magic erasers under her sink, so feel free to store it there if that's what works for you. You could also purchase another mesh pocket organizer for under the sink as well and keep other products, like trash bags and cleaners, in that container.

Once you've decided where to keep it, you'll then need to figure out how to organize your towels inside each of the compartments. If you're only using it for cleaning towels, you could divide them by use — those you use for dishes can be kept in one pocket, while those used to wash the countertop can be kept in another, and so on. On the other hand, you could also organize your towels by type, including washcloths, microfiber cloths, dish drying towels, hand towels, etc. Finally, decide how you want to fold your towels to fit them inside the pockets. You could fold them so they stand up vertically or roll them into tubes that can either be placed horizontally or vertically.