Avoid This Neutral Cabinet Color If You Are Planning To Sell Your Home

Believe it or not, something as seemingly insignificant as your kitchen cabinet color can hurt your resale value. So, if you plan to sell your home soon, it's crucial to think about your cabinets' hue and whether that color will appeal to potential buyers. While you may assume that all neutral colors are safe, overly warm neutrals can appear off-putting, and if you have neutral cabinets in your kitchen, you should take note of the overtone before putting your home on the market.

Tan or goldish neutral cabinets aren't the best choices for attracting potential buyers, so if your neutral cabinets lean ultra-warm, take that as your sign to change them. "There's the tendency for people to accidentally go too warm — with golden or tan overtones — and then that would be a mistake that's hard to correct," Jennifer Lozada, who owns Fresh Start Interiors in Concord, Massachusetts, told Apartment Therapy. For those looking to freshen up their cabinets before selling their home, look toward chic, cool neutrals or earthy hues rather than potentially overpowering tan or gold neutral colors.

You can't beat classic white

As predictable as this might sound, white is a timeless kitchen cabinet color interior designers swear by. "White kitchens work well in open-concept floor plans because they don't compete with other elements in the space for attention. White cabinetry becomes the backdrop and allows other items in the kitchen or in neighboring spaces to be the focus," Sarah Cole, founder of Sarah Cole Interiors, told Homes and Gardens. No one can go wrong with white cabinets. Opting for that elegant backdrop-esque neutral will give potential buyers a chance to use their imaginations and think about what else they want to add to the kitchen to dress it up or down to reflect their styles and aesthetics.

Professional painting TikTok account @propaintjax posted a video showing how a transformation from warm neutral cabinets to crisp white is worth the investment. At the beginning of the video, the kitchen's tan cabinets looked outdated and dull. After they were changed to timeless white, the entire kitchen appeared significantly more fresh, modern, and chic. So, upgrading overly warm neutral cabinets to classic and clean white can be all your kitchen needs for an eye-catching refresh before selling your home.

Subtle greens are super stylish

If you want something more exciting than classic white that will still appear sophisticated and appealing, consider using a soft green for your kitchen cabinets. Low-key, earthy greens are perfect for exuding intriguing energy. "Organic shades never go out of style because they make up our natural environment and complement our interior spaces," Kerrie Kelly, creative director of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab told Martha Stewart. So, a light and gentle spin on earthy green hues is ideal for kitchen cabinets.

There are many examples of lovely green cabinets out there. For instance, CJ Interiors posted a TikTok video changing an outdated kitchen with warm neutral cabinets to a much more stylish look with sleek grayish-green cabinets, appropriately captioning the video, "Green is ALWAYS a good idea for the kitchen." Furthermore, @victoria-nicolai, a real estate-focused account, shared a video flaunting a chic kitchen with gorgeous green cabinets, and viewers were so impressed that they wanted to know the name of the green paint color. If you don't want to go with the traditional crisp white, a grayish, earthy, or cool-toned green is a more unique — and still market-friendly — alternative.