The Genius IKEA Key Rack DIY That Will Add Style To Any Entryway

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With no dedicated place to store your keys, you may find it easy to shove them away into your coat pocket or the depths of your drawers without a second thought. However, you could give them a stylish home upgrade by DIYing your very own IKEA key rack, which utilizes a napkin holder to store them, as shown by @expensiva_enterada on TikTok. Simply insert it into your wall and add all your keys to the correct place. By using such a product, you'll be able to add a fashionable flair to your entryway while giving them a cozy place to reside — perfect if you have several sets.

Not only will this DIY rack look pleasing to the eye, but it is also helpful if you have several sets that need organizing that you may often find yourself searching for. Instead, this napkin holder will give you a visual clue as to where each key is, making it much easier to grab and go. As a result, you'll be able to create a clutter-free entryway. All you'll need is a CISSAN napkin holder from IKEA for $9.99, some hooks, such as these mini S ones for $7.59 at Amazon, screws or nails, a hammer or drill, and of course, your trusty gang of key sets.

Prep your napkin holder key rack

Once you're armed with everything you need, take your hooks and insert them through the gaps in your basket where you want your keys to hang, ensuring that you leave enough space between each one. You can lay them out how you like, whether horizontally, vertically, or in a specific pattern, but just make sure that they can hold their weight without falling or becoming loose. For heavier sets, you may want to consider a sturdier napkin holder, such as this Everard Napkin Holder for $32.99 at Wayfair. Next, you just need to attach it to your wall using either your drill or hammer and screws, slipping them through the gaps in the material. Now, you should be able to keep your entryway organized while adding style. 

To add your own personal touch, you could also try painting your IKEA napkin holder in different colors or covering the inside with some checkered cloth, such as this pink material for $10.95 on Etsy. This can help spruce up your design, especially if you're looking for something more eye-catching. You can even add some fairy lights if you want to go the extra mile, which is perfect if you want to be able to see in the dark during the later hours of the night to hang or grab your keys. However, you should always ensure that they are stored in a secure space far from any doors or windows, as well as anywhere that young children or toddlers could reach.