The Easiest Way To Make Your Dreaded Flush-Mount Dome Light Stunning

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If you've ever rented a house or an apartment, you're likely familiar with flush-mount dome lights. Frequently referred to as "boob lights" due to their rather suggestive shape, these inexpensive ceiling light fixtures are considered far from beloved. Not only is their design rather uninspired, but they often give off lighting that is somehow too bright and too dim at the same time. This can make completing tasks or relaxing equally difficult.

Luckily, products now exist for the sole purpose of converting your dreaded flush-mount dome light into a more fashionable, unique lighting feature. These products are called flush-mount conversion kits. They allow you to partially disassemble your dome light, add a few pieces of included hardware, and attach a stylish light shade. If you've been searching for a way to replace your flush-mount dome light without needing to call an electrician or use any tools, this is the DIY tip for you.

How to install a flush-mount conversion kit

The first step to using a conversion kit to upgrade your home's boring flush-mount dome light is to remove the light fixture's glass dome. This should reveal a hanging threaded metal rod and at least one lightbulb. Remove the lightbulbs to give yourself more space in which to work. Place the threaded metal rod through the center of the top of the light shade and secure it with the included lock nut.

Then, use the kit's connector piece to attach the included additional threaded rod. If your conversion kit includes more than one rod, select the one that fits your light fixture and shade best. Attach the diffuser piece and then the light shade. You now have a stylish, nonstandard overhead lighting feature without any risk to the safety of your household. You can watch this installation process demonstrated by LampsUSA on YouTube.

Where to purchase a flush-mount conversion kit

Despite the universal disdain that seems to exist for flush-mount dome lights, there still aren't a ton of options when it comes to finding flush-mount conversion kits available for purchase. There are a few options by the brand HomeConcept available at Amazon, Bed Bath & BeyondWalmart, and Lamps USA for $59 to $90. Unfortunately, the conversion kits do not seem to yet be available in big-box home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards (although they do all appear to sell similar kits for recessed lighting).

Once you've purchased and installed your new flush-mount conversion kit, be sure to take notice of how the light is now diffused and dispersed in the room. You may notice slight differences in where diffused light reaches and where shadows fall. If this is the case, don't be afraid to tweak the layout of your furniture and décor to match the new lighting's aesthetic. Then, simply stand back and admire your home's new no-tools-required upgrade.