This Genius Trick Makes Removing Pet Hair From Furniture Easier Than Ever

While you certainly love your cat or dog, you probably aren't in love with the pet hair in your home. Dog and cat fur seems to stick to everything, becomes embedded in fabrics, ends up in every nook and cranny in your home, and is particularly difficult to remove from upholstered furniture. Thankfully, this one easy trick will help remove pet hair from your furniture and keep your home clean. Swiffer dry cloths and dusters are super convenient to use — and are great for getting the fur of your upholstery. Swiffer's cloths are made with a texture that is meant to hold onto dust, hair, and other small particles, making them perfect for cleaning up after shedding pets.

Besides Swiffer's dust cloths, the company also produces a dry, multi-surface cloth specifically for pet owners. These cloths are thicker and make it even easier to catch loose hairs, whether they're on the floor or your furniture. Though Swiffer dusters and dry pet cloths are able to pick up dog and cat fur from your furniture, they may leave behind a few pieces that are really stuck in the fabric. A lint roller, pumice stone, or your vacuum and an attachment can be used to get rid of pet hair that doesn't let up at first.

Removing pet hair from furniture with Swiffer dusters

For this trick, you'll need a Swiffer dusting cloth, a Dry Sweeping cloth ($10 at Walmart), or a Heavy Duty Pet Dry cloth ($10 at Walmart). The duster handle can be helpful, but only the cloth is necessary to help you clean up pet hair. Before you start, make sure the fibers of the dusting cloth are properly fluffed so that it is as efficient as possible. For wood furniture or any material that isn't upholstered, wipe the surfaces with the cloth, and all the pet hair should quickly become tangled in the fibers of your duster. This will help to keep pet hair off your furniture so you can enjoy a clean, fur-free home.

For upholstered couches, chairs, or other pieces, take the dusting cloth or pet cloth and carefully sweep it over the fabric. You mustn't press the duster into your furniture, as this could further push the hairs into the fibers of your couch or chair. This method will remove most of the loose pet hair on your furniture, but you may need to do more for strands stuck in the fabric.

Getting stuck pet hair out of your upholstery

While Swiffer dusters are a great trick for removing pet hair from furniture, they may not be able to tackle the toughest bits of fur. Once the hair has become embedded in your furniture's fabric, it can be extremely difficult to get it all out. A lint roller may be able to pull some of it off, but it's unlikely to get all of it. A pumice stone can help to pull out these stubborn hairs when you lightly slide it over the upholstery in the same direction. Don't move it back and forth, as it could further push the hair into the fabric.

As the stone loosens the hair from your furniture, you can use a new Swiffer cloth to pick up the fur. If you use the same pad as earlier and it's full of dust and fur, you run the risk of hair from before falling off. Additionally, you could try using a brush attachment that's meant for upholstery or cleaning up hair and vacuum your furniture thoroughly.