The TikTok DIY That Will Upgrade Any Boring Entryway In Your Home

New homes often lack the exquisite architectural details of older ones, such as wooden archways, decorative moldings, and other small touches that can have a tremendous impact on the overall look and feel of a room. TikTok and YouTube DIYers recently showed off how they made their rather boring builder-grade entryway a unique and stunning sculptural element simply by installing a slatted casing over the existing brickwork between their kitchen/dining space and the living room. 

While you may want to rent a router to make the grooves in the wood where it comes together, most of the supplies, including wood, screws, paint, and a saw to cut the lumber, are readily available. Even better, this is a project that is easy to assemble, relatively inexpensive in materials, and requires no demolition of the existing entryway. It is also completely customizable in finish, paint, and style to fit any number of aesthetics in your home. 

Creating a slatted archway casing

Measure the entryway first to determine how much wood you will need to create the casing. The outer casing is made from simple plywood, like this from Home Depot, sandwiched between two pine boards cut down to the desired width. Use wood glue in the groove where the boards join, creating a recessed casing deep enough to fit over the existing drywall. painted the plywood a soft shade of black, like this Sherwin Williams' Iron Ore, and then painted the exterior of the casing in the same shade as the walls. 

To install the casing in pieces, begin with attaching each side section and then the overhead piece with screws — you may need the help of a second person to attach the top part. After the casing is firmly attached, you can add the wooden slats to the inner face with brad nails, using another piece of wood as a guide to get them spaced evenly apart. For an 8-foot by 10-foot entryway, expect to spend around $150 on materials, which is a much less expensive solution than overhauling it completely.

Making it your own

This DIY is a perfect way to add architectural interest to any entryway that feels like it needs a little more definition. While @neatly.home created their archway to augment a more modern and sculptural look,  you can use their framework and plans to create a more custom casing for your entryway, whatever its size. It can not only add visual interest and texture but also help more firmly delineate zones and transitional spaces in the home. 

Instead of the modern matte black, you can opt to leave the casing in its natural wood finish for a rustic farmhouse look. Alternatively, leave the case black but use stained wood for the slats to give it a Balinese-style tropical feel. Because the new casing fits snugly and doesn't involve demolition, this is also something you can change out as your style changes. For an even simpler DIY way to create a beautiful entryway, add simple trim and decorative molding for a more finished look for around $30.  While these DIYs do involve screws in the wall and removing the existing baseboards, they may also work for renters providing you patch, paint, and replace the baseboard trim when you move out.