The Genius Way To Repurpose An Old Bookshelf For Extra Laundry Room Storage

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If you have an old bookshelf sitting in the corner with other furniture ready to be repurposed, you also have what you need to add more storage to your laundry room. While you might assume that simply means setting up the shelf somewhere in the space, you can take advantage of a genius hack from TikTok user @ariannakaranja that makes use of it in an unexpected way. With a few quick changes, she creates a piece that slides in between her washing machine and dryer. A handy place to store laundry detergent, fabric softener, and so much more, you'll surely want to check out this clever idea to see if you should try it.

When @ariannakaranja shows her followers how she's transformed her little shelf, you can see a handle on the side that she can use to pull it out and push it back into place. To make this even easier, wheels on the bottom of the shelf allow it to be moved when needed. On the shelves, you can see everything she needs to do a load of laundry. Doesn't that sound awesome and something you could use in your space? First, you will need a list of items to help you tackle this project and organize your laundry room.

What you'll need for this project

The main item that's needed for this project is the shelving unit. In the video from @ariannakaranja, she uses a piece with three shelves that fit nicely between the washer and dryer. It appears she specifically uses the black Room Essentials 3 Shelf Bookcase from Target, which can be picked up for $28 if you don't already have a piece to repurpose.

On top of that, you'll also need a handle, wheels, and screws to attach both, as well as a drill or screwdriver to do the hard work. For the handle, there are straightforward choices like the stainless steel BAGGANÄS from IKEA, which can be found for $9.99 per 2-pack. Or, there are sleek options like the black BORGHAMN ($13.99 for each 2-pack) and classic versions like the ENERYDA cup cabinet pull ($12.99 for a 2-pack). However, choosing which handle suits you and your shelf isn't the only way to customize this particular piece.

Ways to customize your laundry room shelf

The fact that the shelving unit will be tucked away most of the time doesn't mean you don't want it to match your laundry room. That's why you can customize it. First, it's good to note that the Room Essentials 3 Shelf Bookcase is also available in white and espresso brown. While the former option will help you create a clean-looking space, the latter can give you a traditionally warm ambiance. You might also be interested in a different shelf set-up. For instance, the 11" 6 Cube Organizer Shelf from Room Essentials that sells for $35 is similar and comes in white and black. The cubes could help you organize your laundry room items even further.

Take the personalization and organization a step further with the help of baskets. Another way to add function and style, you can keep it simple or go all out. For the first option, Target sells the IRIS Medium 4pk Storage Basket set for $16.99. However, the $10 Felt Basket Light Gray with Ivory Velvet Ribbon from Threshold is fuzzy and has a bow, while the 13" Decorative Coiled Rope Square Base Tapered Basket from Brightroom is just $2 more and has lovely little handles. Pop your laundry items in them and set them on your shelf before sliding the entire piece out of sight.