The Tile Hue Set To Dominate Floors In 2024

As the base of a home's design, flooring is an important detail that deserves some focus. Tile has grown in popularity for how the material adds color, pattern, and texture to the space while being easy to clean and maintain, and in 2024, home trends are pointing toward warmer shades. "In 2024, tile design trends are pointing toward warmer tones in cream, beige, and grey, paired with different size large formats and tonalities to create patterns," Jordana Moche, the managing director of Porcelanosa NYC, says in an interview with Better Homes & Gardens. This includes tiles that also mimic the look of wood planks in medium and darker tones, along with traditional tile materials such as ceramic and porcelain.

This tile trend is in line with overall interior trends moving more toward cozy and warm tones over cool- and neutral-toned shades. Some believe that the cool-toned colors create a space that's austere and somewhat unwelcoming, while warm colors create a space that's more relaxing and laid back. Moche notes that the warm shades and wood-toned tiles, "[create] a warm yet moody design that lends itself towards a hospitality-like feeling inside the residence."

Designing with warm-toned tile

The explosion of warm tones in the home can be seen through the rise of greige kitchen cabinets and tan furniture that's replacing the stark white finishes of previous years. Flooring is also taking on warm tones as many begin to find the previously trendy gray floors unwelcoming. Warm-toned grays, creams, and beiges allow homeowners to maintain a neutral aesthetic without being too stark or harsh.

Embrace this trend by combining it with other tile trends. Long, rectangular tile, such as the Makoto tile by Bedrosians, gives a natural twist to the sleek and contemporary trend. Stacking tile vertically is another popular tile trend that helps add height to the room. You can also embrace natural texture with tile that mimics stone, such as Bedrosians' Sahara tile, which has a variation of color that looks like natural stone.

When it comes to colors to pair with these warm tones, the possibilities are nearly endless. Many opt for muted earthy tones, like terracotta and sage. Even cool colors, like blue or purple, can have warm undertones that will pair well with warm-toned tile. Instead of white, opt for cream and warm-tinted whites. These will still brighten a space without the stark contrast.

Best places for warm-toned tile

Tile's growth in popularity has led many to use it throughout the home and in more interesting places. However, warm tile is often still used in traditional places, such as a kitchen backsplash. Make an all-white kitchen feel more inviting by opting for cream-colored tiles paired with light greige or warm white counters and cabinets. Or you can infuse color with the tile to contrast neutral shades on the cabinets and counters by using a color like terracotta.

Similar tiles can be used in the bathroom to create a comforting and relaxing space. Reminiscent of nature, earth tones can be calming and help create a settling and appealing room. Use tile in warm-toned green, red, or orange finishes for a shower surround to create a serene space that helps you unwind. Or carry the tile throughout the entire room and use it on the walls from floor to ceiling to envelop the room. Bring in visual interest by pairing solid tiles with tiles that have patterns or unique shapes.

Throughout the home, you can engage in this trend with tiles that have the look of wood. Choose a warm-toned wood finish to use on your home's floors. This is a good alternative for rooms where natural wood may get warped or damaged, such as the bathroom or kitchen.