Must-Know Tips For Using Pink In Your Bedroom

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Believe it or not, pink can be the perfect color to elevate your bedroom, so don't overlook the gorgeous hue when planning your bedroom upgrade. "Pink works really well in a bedroom ... I personally think it's beautiful ... the best thing about pink is that it is almost a foolproof color to work with tones, especially if you don't know where to start," said TikToker @mrpheonixgrey, also known as "Design Daddy," an interior design expert with more than 700,000 followers. If pink is one of your favorite colors, you should showcase it in your bedroom.

The interior designer recommends sticking to muted pink, as the muted look is ideal for versatile, sophisticated vibes because of its subtle, gentle appearance. So, you can't go wrong with pink in light, muted shades. But if you prefer brighter, darker, colder, or warmer pinks, don't be afraid to work with those variations instead, as your bedroom should make you happy. No matter the shade you settle on, bedroom walls and bedding are excellent places for incorporating pink into your home.

Work with pink walls

In addition to muted pink, interior designers endorse peachy pink shades for walls. "Corals and pink peach tones are perfect for making a design statement. They create a rich, warm welcoming feeling with undertones of red, orange and pink. It works beautifully as an accent to a grey scheme or as a statement wall color," Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore's director, told Livingetc. So, anyone who can't decide which pink shade to paint their bedroom walls should consider coral and peachy options.

If you don't want to commit to all pink walls in your bedroom, consider a pink accent wall instead. That way, you'll get a splash of any pink shade you want for that one wall, but the other walls will still be a more traditional color or neutral. Plus, it'll be less work for you regarding the actual painting, saving you time and money. Or, think about opting for pink wallpaper. Easily removable wallpaper is better than painting if you want to experiment with pink but don't want something too permanent. Pink wallpaper can give you a taste of pink walls but not cause significant regret if you decide that the look isn't for you, allowing you to gold bolder than you may be comfortable with if you were to paint instead. You can get some removable peel-and-stick wallpaper from Amazon in pink for as little as $0.81 a foot.Ā 

Pink bedding is another fun option

Painting or wallpapering your walls isn't the only way to use pink in your bedroom. Pink blankets, comforters, and sheets can also help you incorporate the beautiful hue into your room. Furthermore, light pink sheets may lead to better sleep thanks to the gentle, joyous vibe. "Pink may not be the go-to answer, but it is said that a soft pink may help reduce your blood pressure. It is also known to promote peace and joy," Ashleigh Clark, a designer, told Homes & Gardens. After all, how could you not feel relaxed wrapped up under lovely pink sheets?

Some excellent light pink sheets are the Wayfair BasicsĀ® 1800 Series Sheet Set in Rose Blush. The sheets are available at Wayfair in various sizes and have 4.6 stars with over 71,000 reviews. Anyone who wants to take the pale pink look even further should check out the Three Posts Courtemanche Microfiber Duvet Cover Set in Blush. Also available in different sizes at Wayfair, this product has 4.4 stars with over 10,000 reviews. No matter the color of your walls and furniture, this gentle pink bedding will add a calming and attractive aspect to any bedroom.