Wellness Yard: What Is It And How You Can Create One On A Budget

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There are plenty of benefits to having a dedicated wellness room in your house, and the same goes for setting up a similar area in your outdoor space. Creating serenity in the mind and energizing the body are just two goals of this purposeful aesthetic. Indeed, while considering gorgeous landscaping ideas, you may want to think about creating a wellness yard. All the rage among rich moms, according to TikTok user @designbroker, those with a big budget can indulge in this trend by setting up spa-like outdoor spaces. Of course, those will modest budgets can do the same in a slightly different way.

The idea involves filling the area with decadent touches that are meant to relax and restore you. Think along the lines of a sauna, hot tub, and cold plunge tub. That's not to mention an outdoor shower and other high-end delights, just to name a few aspects of a potential wellness space. While that may be out of reach to some people who can't spend as much money on an outdoor reno, or who simply like to be frugal whenever possible, there are various clever ways that you can create the same sort of vibe but on a much smaller budget. You just need to know what you want and where you should get it. Fortunately, we can help with both of those details so that you'll end up with the wellness yard of your dreams.

1. Hot Tub

While enjoying a luxurious soak in a bubbling hot tub, you'll not only feel more relaxed, but it can also soothe your muscles, lower your blood pressure, benefit your heart, and help you sleep better. Although some hot tubs can be on the pricier side, there are more affordable options that are well under $1,000, while also being temporary. The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa can fit up to four people at a time, offers you 140 bubble jets, and sells on Amazon for a relatively reasonable $568.89.

2. Outdoor shower

Having an outdoor shower is another key aspect of a wellness yard. You may need to put your DIY skills to good use, but if you're not intimidated by a small reno, then you can end up with a soothing outdoor shower space for much less. The Homewerks 3070-250-CH-B-WS Exposed Utility Shower Head Kit is sold for $46.80 on Amazon and is meant to be installed outside. With a powerful stream and spray that adjusts to personal taste, it's just what an affordable outdoor shower needs.

3. Outdoor sauna

Having an outdoor sauna — which is something that can benefit your heart — may seem like something that's beyond your means; however, you just have to be clever about your purchase to end up with one in your wellness yard. If there's room in the budget to stretch in this one area, then the Canadian Red Cedar Traditional Outdoor Sauna has a Bluetooth digital control panel, sound system, LED lighting, and much more for $5,210.98 on Amazon. However, the HSBT HITECK PRO Home Portable Sauna Tent is a mere fraction of that price at just $199 on Amazon.

4. Cold plunge tub

While hot water can offer a wide range of physical perks that you may want to take advantage of, the same can be said for cold water. If you're the kind of person who's brave enough to submerge your body in a super-chilly bath, then you may want to consider adding a plunge tub to your wellness yard. The Explore Fitness Large Portable Ice Baths Plunge Pool can be found on Amazon and purchased for just $59.99. It can hold up to 400 liters of icy water along with one surely shivering adult.

5. Zen garden

Relax your mind while gently moving your body as you take care of your very own full-sized zen garden. For this project, you will simply need a few things to set up a zen garden in your wellness yard. Along with an Outdoor Zen Garden Rake, which sells for $54.99 on Amazon, a zen garden requires either sand or gravel. At the same time, 7 pounds of the garden-ready Mosser Lee Desert Sand is available for $6.99 on Amazon while 5 pounds of the captivating and colorful YISZM Natural River Rocks are $14.99 on Amazon. Arrange as you like with spirals, paths, and calming areas.

6. Water fountain

Take a few deep breaths, let your heart rate slow down, and feel your entire body relax as you spend time watching and listening to the water flow in your outdoor fountain. Something that can obviously be expensive if you opt for a piece that's large and intricate, you can also score one for a relatively affordable price. That's not to mention all the designs, sizes, and setups you can choose from. That might be something along the lines of the Teamson Home 38.58 in. Modern Curved Faux Slate Waterfall Fountain, which is sold for $203.99 on Amazon.

7. Ideal lighting

You will be able to use your wellness yard at night if you choose the ideal lighting. If you want it to be an invigorating space, then you can opt for fixtures that let off plenty of bright light. If you want a spot that's relaxing, then you might want something softer. Perhaps you'd enjoy the PARTPHONER LED Outdoor String Lights, which can be set to the brightness of your choice and sell for $29.99 on Amazon for the 60-foot strand. If you have a larger area to cover, there is also a 120-foot option for $49.99 and a 180-foot version for $69.99.

8. Soothing firepit

Add another soothing aspect to your budget-friendly wellness yard by including a reasonably sized firepit in the space. You will surely love to unwind in the cool evenings while watching a fire (safely) blazing. That's not to mention the fact that you can enjoy the firepit while spending quality time with friends or family. Although you could certainly create a basic pit in the ground, there are also attractive pre-made options available. The EAST OAK 28” Propane Fire Pit Table sells for $199.99 on Amazon and gets an impressive 4.5-star overall average rating from seemingly satisfied customers.

9. Lounge chairs

You'll really be able to relax in your enviable wellness yard with the help of comfy reclining lounge chairs. Made to take your me-time to the next level thanks to the supportive and durable design, you can also adjust each chair to suit your needs. Although there are plenty of options available that offer various perks, the Amazon Basics Outdoor Adjustable Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chair with Pillow is a popular version that comes in black, beige, burgundy, and navy blue, and can be found for $59.99 each on Amazon.

10. Exterior yoga space

Take your body-boosting yoga practice outside by setting up a dedicated area in your wellness yard that's just right for your routine. This could be done in many wonderful ways, but you'll definitely need a space where you can comfortably relax while you stretch and bend into a downward dog, low lunge, and child's pose. That might involve a yoga board that sells for $135 on Amazon and offers a proper platform. Add a few outdoor throw pillows like this pair of Pillow Perfect Bright Floral Indoor/Outdoor Accent Throw Pillows from Amazon for $40.99.

11. Sun canopy

While you're enjoying your wellness yard, you need to make sure you protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, so it's best to set up a shady spot where you can kick back and relax or indulge in exercise. You can do that with the help of an umbrella or canopy. For instance, the ECOOPTS 14'x14' HDPE Sun Shade Sail Canopy is 95% UV Resistant and comes in a wide range of colors for $30.98 on Amazon. Larger sizes are also available, though they cost a little more.