This Dollar Tree DIY Will Maximize The Wall Storage In Your Laundry Room

If you are looking to maximize storage in any corner of your home, don't sleep on the Dollar Tree. Whether you need some added space for your kitchen supplies or simply want to add a bit of life to an empty wall, you can likely find what you need for a very small amount of money. One of the biggest areas in a home that always needs added storage space is the laundry room. This organization DIY uses just three items: drawer organizers, a cooling rack, and Command hooks.

The best part about this DIY is that while you may need to head to Dollar Tree to buy the rectangular drawer organizers, you likely already have an unused cooling rack and hooks that can be repurposed, making it even easier and less expensive. The result will be a hanging organizer with containers that can store things like laundry pods, tide pens, mesh bags, and more. If your laundry space is craving some organization, here's how to achieve this DIY.

How to create a hanging organizer

The first step to creating this hanging organizer is to gather your materials, which are the drawer organizers from Dollar Tree, a cooling rack, and two Command hooks. If you don't already own a cooling rack, you can also purchase one at Dollar Tree. Command hooks can be found at pretty much any hardware store, big box store, or online. When using Command hooks, pay attention to the weight restrictions, as they can vary. These from Office Depot are $3.69 and hold up to 3 pounds. In total, this project could cost only $7.44 if you purchase everything new.

To put this together, simply apply the Command hooks to the area of the wall where you want your storage. You can either eyeball it or use a level to make sure your hooks are even on the wall. Then, attach the drawer organizers to the cooling rack, and hang the rack up on the hooks. 

If you'd like to make the storage unit a bit more stylish, opt for different colored drawer organizers — these black and white ones from Dollar Tree add a bit more flair. Or, spray paint the whole project to coincide with your home decor. This Rust-Oleum spray paint, available at Home Depot for $6.48, can be used on almost any surface and comes in many different colors and finishes. You can also add more drawers or additional cooling racks for added storage space.