Build A DIY Plant Tower Using This Amazing Dollar Tree Item

Having a gardening tower for your plants is a great way to grow certain flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more. Fortunately, you can make one for your home by using gardening supplies from Dollar Tree. All you need to do is follow a few tips from TikTok user @survivingfive. Opting to use planters that feature three sections for the pots instead of just one, she's able to create an affordable plant tower that you may want to try out for yourself.

Of course, you'll need a few specific things for this project. First, you'll need the planters. If you want to use the exact ones featured in @survivingfive's video, you can simply purchase them from Dollar Tree. Just check out the 6-inch Garden Collection Terra Black Planters that cost $1.25 each. They are available in a terracotta color as well as gray and blue if you would like something a little different. You will also need a garden stake, a piece of rebar, or something else that will stand tall and be able to support your plant tower. By placing the planters on the stake or rebar, you'll end up with a tower that you'll be eager to fill with plants. All you need is a few other items and the know-how if you want to try out this DIY project for yourself.

How to put together your Dollar Tree DIY plant tower

Although it only takes a few steps to complete this DIY plant tower project from TikTok user @survivingfive, you'll want to be sure to follow each one in order to end up with an item that is set up just right to support your flowers, herbs, or whatever else you might want to grow. Because of that, you'll want to start with enough pots to fill the tower while also leaving enough space in between each to give the plants room to grow. You'll also need a garden stake, a piece of rebar, or a pipe that's tall enough and strong enough to support your tower.

Now, take the pots and make a single hole in the center of each using a drill. Next, thread the stake or rebar through each one of the holes as you stack the pots on top of each other with space in between. Additionally, @survivingfive chooses to stagger the pots and turn each slightly so that it creates even more space and a dynamic look. When she has the pots set up just how she wants them, she adds a sizable rock to the center of each one to act as an anchor to hold them in place. From there, she adds soil before popping in her plants. Once that's done, she's left with an enviable plant tower that will surely inspire you to make your own.