Must-Have Garden Supplies That You Can Find For Less At The Dollar Tree

Starting a garden is an exciting experience. You get to plan out what you want to grow in your garden and how you want it to look when all your plants have grown. However, one of the downsides of gardening is buying all the supplies you need to start the process. A few must-have gardening tools include gloves, pots, soil, planting tools, etc., which you could purchase at your local nursery or gardening store, but their prices can be expensive. Instead of buying all your supplies at retail stores, Dollar Tree has excellent budget-friendly options. While some things won't be of the highest name-brand quality, you can still find items that can last you a couple of years.

Dollar Tree has become a handy place to purchase materials for any DIY project, quick home upgrades, or daily essentials you might need at home. Even though they've always had the basics, they've stepped up their gardening supply game. Many garden bloggers have started visiting their local Dollar Tree to buy items they're running low on. You can buy things in bulk since they carry a variety of colors and sizes, and they're always $1.25, sometimes, rarely more. If you shop through their website, you'll find various gardening essentials for every level, whether you're a beginner in need of a start pack or an expert gardener who needs to replace an item. Check out a few of our favorite Dollar Tree gardening supplies.

Seed packets

You can't grow a garden without seeds; buying them from local nurseries or gardening stores can sometimes be pricier. Instead, Dollar Tree has a wide range of seed packets for you to pick from. You can grow zinnias, sunflowers, snapdragons, beans, onions, etc., and they'll grow like any other store-bought seeds. Many Dollar Tree stores have massive bright yellow cardboard racks full of seed packets. You can mix and match between all of the options. The Flower Rocket Seed Packs are four for $1.25. However, the only downside to these is that you don't get as many seeds as you would from other stores, so you might have to buy multiple or try out a couple to see how well they do in your garden.

There are various mixed reviews on Dollar Tree's website over how well the seeds grow. Some customers claim their seeds grew without any issues and had gorgeous flowers and vegetables. Others stated their seeds didn't produce anything other than a small patch of sprouts, but then nothing. One customer suggested spreading out the seeds into different pots instead of planting them together to get them to grow. Of course, when growing any flower or vegetable, you want to ensure the veggies are in season and the flowers can grow in your USDA growing zone.


Digging through the soil isn't as fun when you get dirt under your fingernails. Using gloves is a must-have when gardening so that you protect your hands. They allow you to get down and dirty with the plants without worrying about getting poked by splinters and thorns. The more you hurt your hands, the less enjoyable gardening will be. You want decent-quality gloves when working with plants and soil. Dollar Tree has a variety of glove styles and colors for you to pick from. Latex gloves are a great option since they won't rip as easily. Dollar Tree has Tool Bench Hardware Heavy-Duty Latex Gloves for $1.25 a pack.

Out of all the latex gloves on their website, the heavy-duty ones received the most and best reviews. Customers claimed the gloves are durable and hold up well when using them outdoors. One customer stated they were still in good condition after they threw them in the washer and dryer. While these gloves might not last you for years, they can last months, especially after various washes.

Pots and stackable planters

When you run out of ground space to plant new seeds, pots are perfect for expanding your garden into your home or throughout your backyard and patio. Dollar Tree has various pots and planters you can use around your home. For example, the NK Lawn & Garden Natural Fiber Seed Starter Pots are exceptional for planting and growing new seeds. However, they're only sold in stores. They give the plants time to grow in their pot; then, they can be easily repotted into larger containers as they mature.

However, if you don't like the single-use pots, Dollar Tree also has Stackable 3-Pot Planters that hold three plants in one container. Each plant gets its own slot, so you can fill them with different types of flowers. If you purchase a couple, you can stack them on top of each other to make the planter taller. The 3-pot planters are available only in-store, but you can check out the website to see if they're available in your location.

Once the seeds flourish and outgrow their starter pots, you can place them in clay or plastic planters. Dollar Tree has Self-Watering Plastic Pots in four colors for $5 each. They have a small port on the side that makes watering with a hose or watering can effortless.

Hand trowels and garden forks

Every gardener needs tools when they're prepping and digging soil. Most gardening tools like spades, garden forks, and hand trowels can be expensive at gardening stores or nurseries. Even though they can last you a lot longer, Dollar Tree has a handful of adequate tools you can add to your collection. For instance, they have a Garden Collection of Soft-Grip Handle Trowels for $1.25. They're ideal for transplanting plants and removing weeds. A customer who bought the set claimed the hand trowels are sturdy, while another said they're in good condition but will wear down over time. However, if one wears down faster, you have two backups to replace it.

Dollar Tree's garden collection also has a set of Soft-Grip Handle Cultivators, also known as garden forks, that are used to dig into dense soil. They also help turn over soil, especially rocky or clay soil. If you have a large garden with weeds, the hand cultivator will help you break up the soil to pull out the weeds. You can use the hand trowel to dig up deep-rooted weeds. On their website, Dollar Tree shows each tool as a pack, but you can find them individually in-store.

Pruning shears

Hand pruners are helpful when trying to keep your garden organized. As your plants grow, they can sometimes get out of control when their branches get too long or begin drooping to the side. You can trim back their branches to maintain their shape and keep them looking neat. Plus, they're handy for trimming dead wood or flowers without removing the entire plant from the soil.

Dollar Tree has various Metal Pruning Shears you can choose from to use in your garden. They're sold in-store for $1.25 each and have soft-grip handles for easy use. From straight to serrated to curved blades, you can purchase all three options or whichever one is missing from your collection. A few reviewers rave over the pruners, claiming they're better than name-brand styles since they're sharper and stronger, considering the price. Another reviewer stated they're the best shears for smaller plants that need their branches, roots, or leaves trimmed.