Revolutionize Your Pantry Storage With This Easy IKEA KARAFF Hack

IKEA is wildly popular and for good reason. Not only can you repurpose items for multiple hacks, but you can do so without breaking the bank. And, if your pantry is in desperate need of some organization, look no further than the IKEA KARAFF carafe and the IKEA FÖRSEGLA bamboo coasters. You can use as many KARAFFs as you need to store dry pantry items, such as cereal, rice, pasta, and more, and FÖRSEGLA coasters fit perfectly on top, creating a lid. The KARAFF is a modest $1.99, and the coasters come in a two-pack for $3.49, making this an affordable storage solution. 

Aside from being stylish and priced appropriately, there are tons of reasons to try this trick out. For starters, storing your food in glass is advantageous to using plastic containers. Plastic is known to leach into and contaminate your food, posing a health risk. Since glass is almost completely inert, it's a healthier food storage solution. The only drawback is that glass is breakable, so this hack might not be ideal if you have little hands in search of a snack. You can still store food in the KARAFF — just be sure to keep them out of reach of children. 


In the inventive TikTok hack shared by @disenyaes, you can organize your pantry by purchasing enough IKEA KARAFFs and FÖRSEGLA coasters to store any unorganized dry food items. Each KARAFF holds 32 ounces, making them ideal for just about anything. The exception would be dry spaghetti and other long items, as the KARAFF is likely too short for those, but other types of pasta fit perfectly. Just be sure to thoroughly wash your new containers before use. Once clean, all you have to do is transfer dry goods to your KARAFFs and use the FÖRSEGLA coasters as makeshift lids. To make these clear storage containers work even better for your pantry, you may want to label their contents. This helps you to keep track of food expiration dates, especially on cereals and crackers.

The issue with this hack is that the lids don't snap into place or have any type of seal, which can expose your pantry items to pests like Indian meal moths. This means you'll need to be mindful when covering your KARAFFs with FÖRSEGLA coasters, ensuring the beveled side is facing down. This works to prevent the coaster from sliding off and can prevent pests from contaminating your food. If you find that this hack has done wonders for your pantry, consider trying it elsewhere around your home. Since it's so affordable, you can easily use these KARAFFs to store crafting supplies, pet treats, toiletries, and everything in between.