This IKEA KALLAX Upgrade Creates The Perfect Storage Solution For Your Firewood

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If you store wood in your home for your fireplace, then you may often dump it into a basket or stack it nearby — but what if you could change that storage into something super sleek and eye-catching? Well, as it turns out, by making a few simple upgrades to an IKEA KALLAX unit, as shown by @our_bears_home on TikTok, you can transform the look of your firewood storage area. In fact, it could even help you update your living room area. Not only does this give your logs a cozy little home to bundle up in, but it's also perfect if you're running out of room to store them in your home. All you have to do is build the units and add your own flair before slipping your wood into the correct slots — it's really that easy!

Simply take an IKEA KALLAX for $94.99, KALLAX door inserts for $15, some iron-on veneer for your cabinet doors, an adhesive made for wood, and a wooden slab that will fit on top of the unit. For example, you could opt for this natural wood veneer off eBay for $1.41 or some birch edge banding for $11.99 from Amazon. Just make sure that you select the color to fit your interior, otherwise, you'll end up having to replace it. For the glue, this will depend on what material you opt to use for the top of your unit, so make sure you take your time to select the correct product. 

Slide the firewood into the nooks

If you don't already have an IKEA KALLAX, start by constructing your shelving unit, following the step-by-step instructions. After this is done, apply your veneer onto your cabinet doors, making sure to take your time so they're in the right position. However, you could use other materials, such as laminate, solid wood, or bamboo strips — it's up to you. For the top of the shelving, if you opt for say for example, a marble laminate for your doors, then you may want to swap out your wooden slab for a marble slab to match — although keep in mind this may be more costly. You can then add whatever material you choose on the top of your shelving using the appropriate adhesive, which in your case, may be the wooden slab. Now, all you have to do is slip your logs into the nooks, and you should have some stylish firewood storage at your fingertips!

Of course, you can always customize it in other ways. For example, paint the cabinet in whatever color you want, such as black or gray, or you have the option to install different styles of handles. On the other hand, if you want to store more firewood, remove the doors and store your wood in every nook, or opt for a larger design with more space, such as the KALLAX LACK for $103 from IKEA.