Nate Berkus Has An Essential Decluttering Tip For A Fresh Start To Your New Year

There is something about a brand-new year that renews hope and inspires change. From your personal fitness to your career development, the start of a new year is the time for taking a deep dive into your hopes, dreams, and goals. Then, it's time to find ways to actively move closer to those visions over the coming 12-month rotation of the Earth around the sun. One area of life that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to new year renewal is the state of your personal space.

Of all the spaces inside your home, there is one that truly represents your identity and the image you wish to present to the world: your closet. This is why interior designer and frequent expert guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nate Berkus, recommends beginning each year by deep cleaning and decluttering your closet. If you're interested in changing your look, developing your personal style, or upping your organizational game this year, Berkus' advice is for you. 

New year, new outlook on your wardrobe

According to Nate Berkus' 2023 interview with Home & Gardens, decluttering your closet at the beginning of the year is absolutely essential, especially if you're interested in tweaking and/or consolidating your wardrobe. The coveted designer doesn't just hand out this advice; he follows his own suggestions and even expands it to include the bedroom as a whole. "My closet gets a major overhaul and edit every new year as well as the interiors of every drawer," Berkus revealed. "Your bedroom is maybe the most important room in your home. It's where you sleep and rejuvenate. Keep it tidy and continually edit and declutter throughout the year," he advised.

If the idea of parting with your clothing is overwhelming, start by simply throwing out any items that are stained or damaged beyond repair. Next, sell or donate the items that no longer fit. Then, begin the process of parting with any piece of clothing you don't wear, that isn't comfortable, or that doesn't present your desired image. Over the new year, you can begin to replace these items with carefully selected pieces that represent who you truly are at this time in your life.