Tineco Pure One Station Furfree Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner: A Dream For Pet Owners

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As any pet lover knows, keeping up with all the fur your pets shed can be quite challenging. Even when you vacuum twice per week, it seems like fur just keeps multiplying every time you turn around. If you live in a home with pets, a strong and reliable vacuum is a necessity, but it also needs to be light and slender enough to maneuver around furniture, pet beds, litter boxes and more. Many people reach for a cordless vacuum to help them keep a clean home. Unfortunately, some cordless vacuums sacrifice their suction power for agility, but that's not so with Tineco.

Tineco produces a wide range of vacuum cleaners, including steaming and deep-cleaning wet-and-dry vacuums. One of their latest and greatest products making its way into pet lovers' homes is the Tineco Pure One Station Furfree smart cordless stick vacuum. This vacuum is designed to be especially effective at picking up pet hair, and even comes with special features like a tangle-free brush and self-cleaning function to make de-furring your home a breeze. As we learned more about this smart fur-eliminating vacuum, we thought, "What better place to test it out than a busy two-cat household?" Here's our experience with the Tineco Pure One Station Furfree smart cordless vacuum.

Seamless unboxing and assembly

Everything in the shipment from Tineco arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Immediately upon opening the package, Tineco provides clear "quickstart" instructions and tips for using your vacuuming, such as rinsing the HEPA filter every six months and replacing after every two years. The Tineco Pure One Station Furfree smart cordless stick vacuum kit includes the vacuum, charging and self-cleaning "OmniHub" stand, three brush head attachments, a flexible hose, two tools for cleaning the vacuum itself, instruction manuals, and a storage bag to keep all of your accessories in one place.

Assembling the vacuum took all of five minutes — simply click the OmniHub dock into its footplate and attach the vacuum motor to the tube and brush head. The vacuum arrives pre-charged and ready to test as soon as you put it together. Should you have any unexpected issues, Tineco is also very transparent, with information about how to reach them through social media or customer support available throughout the setup information and printed on the packaging.

Handy smart features

The device plays charming sound effects when docking the vacuum and uses a friendly voice to clue you in on the vacuum's status and self-cleaning process. Not a fan of so much noise? You can quickly disable the voice prompts with the press of a button on the OmniHub dock's digital display. In addition to being designed with a tangle-free brush and self-emptying tank for maximum fur cleanup, the clever hose and pet grooming attachment allows you to brush pets directly and suck their fur into the 3-liter dustbin before it has a chance to cover your floors. The dock dustbin only needs to be emptied about every 60 days — much better than fiddling with the container every time you vacuum. Vacuuming with the lights off brings you even more advantages; the bright LED lights on the front of the vacuum allow you to see every speck of dirt and hair in your path, ensuring you get a thorough clean.

While it is equipped with several smart features, this vacuum is still incredibly user-friendly. There's no need to press multiple buttons or select certain functions to get started. Simply lift the vacuum off of the docking station, press the trigger button located on the handle, and you're ready to roll. Tineco's iLoop Smart Sensor is an automatic mode that adjusts suction based on how dirty the floors are. The vacuum can run for approximately one hour when using this auto mode or half an hour on maximum power mode. When you're done, pop the vacuum back onto the dock and the self-cleaning process will automatically clean out the holding tank.

Impressive cleaning power

Smart features are one thing, but how well did the vacuum actually clean our floors? The Tineco Pure One Station Furfree really impressed us with its suction power, picking up everything from pet fur to dust, dirt, and old fallen Christmas tree needles in just one pass. In addition to being a great fur and dirt eliminator, the vacuum was awesome for picking up scattered litter around litter boxes. Even stray kibble pieces scattered around the food bowl were no match for the vacuum's suction power, in part thanks to the Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor that kicks the suction up a gear when it senses heavy particles.

Besides making quick work of our polished concrete floors, the Tineco vacuum also moved with ease over a low-pile area rug and even fluffed up a shag bath mat without getting tangled or caught up on the edges. The pet brush mode is quieter than the general vacuum, making it much more tolerable for pets who are usually startled by loud noises. While our more skittish cat remained skeptical, our brave cat seemed to enjoy being brushed by the gentle pet grooming attachment, and we loved being able to collect the cat hair right at its source. Overall, the vacuum was very quick, easy, and satisfying to use, and it worked brilliantly on a variety of surfaces throughout the house.

(Mostly) self-cleaning

Although it is pushed as a major selling point, one big drawback to the vacuum is that the self-cleaning isn't perfect. While crumbs, pet hair, dirt, and dust stood no chance, the vacuum still struggled a bit with long human hair, which wrapped tightly around the filter and stayed attached even after the self-cleaning process. The brush head claims to be tangle-free, but it too became wrapped in a few human hairs. However, we still feel that the Tineco Pure One Station Furfree handled pet hair and human hair much better than many other vacuums on the market. When needed, it's very easy to open the dust compartment or flip the vacuum head over to clean off any stuck hairs. The included cleaning tools can also help with this. 

Overall, The Tineco Pure One Station Furfree smart cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a brilliant device, but it still has some potential downsides worth considering. Firstly, the product has a somewhat large footprint, and may be too big to fit in most cleaning closets, but works in a larger laundry room or garage. Secondly, the vacuum can't stand up on its own once detached from the charging dock, which makes it difficult to pause while vacuuming to move things like pet toys, cords, or furniture. The non-adjustable height may also make this vacuum a little cumbersome for shorter individuals. With all of this being said, this machine still impressed us with its powerful suction, smart features, and self-emptying dock.