Use This Clever Pool Noodle Hack To Cover Unsightly Poles In Your Basement

There are various ways to make your unfinished basement more welcoming, and that includes covering unsightly or hazardous poles. Fortunately, you can use a simple pool noodle hack that was shared by TikTok user @dogthropology which addresses this very situation and solution. This clever idea involves taking a single pool noodle and cutting it open before placing it around one of the poles in your basement. The noodle not only hides the bare bar from sight but also serves as protection if it has any rust, sharp edges, or other hazards on it.

While you could easily cut a straight line right down the side to the hollow center of a pool noodle, this particularly crafty social media user instead decided to slice the noodle in a spiral that moves from one end to the other. The pool noodle is then wrapped around a pole so that the spiraling noodle is seen and not the pole underneath. What makes this extra effective is the fact that the pool noodle is a bright color, which can be much more attractive and stylish than the dull gray of the pole itself. If you have more than one pole in your basement, you could use pool noodles that are all the same shade or make things a little more colorful by choosing a different shade for each one. That's all you need to do! Of course, you can also take this DIY project a step or two further by adding various other details and finishing touches.

Make your pool noodle pole covers even more stylish

If you want to quickly cover the poles in your basement while still giving yourself a way to easily remove them when necessary, you might want to keep it simple and use the method from TikTok user @dogthropology mentioned above. However, you can also add other accents to your pool noodle to make it stand out or blend in depending on your particular preference. For instance, if there are gaps in the pool noodle after you wrap it around the pole, grab a glue gun and seal the entire piece neatly back together. You can also add ribbon or twine trim to cover the cut so that it can't be seen. 

On top of that, you can paint the pool noodle if you get tired of the color or want to blend it into the room. If you have a little artistic talent or some stencils, you can even create an attractive pattern on the outside of each pool noodle. That's not to mention the fact that you can stick items into the relatively soft yet stable pool noodle material. Frankly, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to how you can customize the pool noodles around the poles in your basement.