Dollar Tree Vs Dollar Tree Plus: Which Is Better For Buying Home Goods?

There are many ways to use Dollar Tree items to elevate their experience at home, like using use Dollar Tree products to create a drying rack. The affordable goods at Dollar Tree include a lot of convenient items. Some people feel that Dollar Tree Plus has a better selection of home goods than Dollar Tree. According to @onthecheaptip, also known as Rob The DIY Daddy — a TikToker with over 270,000 followers — the Dollar Tree Plus products are noticeably higher quality than what you would typically get at the Dollar Tree. Many viewers even commented that Dollar Tree Plus seems super similar to Five Below. Thus, if you like Five Below and Dollar Tree, you'll have the best of both worlds with Dollar Tree Plus. 

So, what exactly is Dollar Tree Plus? In some locations, the traditional Dollar Tree store itself became a "Dollar Tree Plus," which is easy to recognize with the red "PLUS!" logo. Dollar Tree plus stores provide a wider variety of items than the original Dollar Tree had. The prices are a bit higher, coming in around $3 to $5 instead of just $1. Even if your local Dollar Tree didn't become a Dollar Tree Plus, you can still shop from the Dollar Tree Plus collection online. There you'll find seasonal items, home decor, cleaning products, and more items. If you're ready to start exploring Dollar Tree Plus' selection of goods for your home, there are many options.

Check out the Dollar Tree Plus home decor

Dollar Tree Plus might prove to be one of the best home decor stores for your style if your style includes design on a budget. For instance, do you want to add some playful charm to your home with adorably fluffy pillows? Check out the Plush Fluffy Pillow, selling for $5 per pillow at Dollar Tree Plus. A happy customer gave these soft pillows five out of five stars. You should consider buying a bunch of them to add to various locations of your home for fun charisma. While Dollar Tree — without the Plus — sells some pillowcases, they don't have any decorative pillows. 

Alternatively, do you want to light up your home with beachy details? Make a splash with the Marine-Themed String Lights, available for $5 at Dollar Tree Plus. At over 5 feet long with seashell-like, starfish, and other beach-inspired aspects, the ocean-esque string lights have a perfect five-star rating. Although classic Dollar Tree offers some Valentine's Day-themed and a few other options for string lights, you'll only find the creative, ultra-specific ocean theme from Dollar Tree Plus. 

Dollar Tree Plus also offers many fake plants, including the Faux Plant, 12-in., the Artificial Potted Topiaries and Snake Plants, 12-in., and the Decorative Faux Potted Plants, 14.17-in. to spruce up your home. The original Dollar Tree has no such products.  

Dollar Tree Plus offers many practical home items

Not only does Dollar Tree Plus offer many decorations but there's also a wide variety of storage-related and other pragmatic products. For example, you can buy one of the Large Rectangular Woven Storage Baskets for just $3 at Dollar Tree Plus. Convenient for storing all kinds of items in one place, these baskets have 4.8 stars. With dimensions of 18 inches by 11.9 inches by 6.3 inches, they are larger than the storage baskets you can get from the classic Dollar Tree, so the extra space should be worth the two additional dollars. 

Meanwhile, if you're on the shorter side and have trouble reaching some areas of your home, you should invest in a step stool. Dollar Tree Plus offers Collapsible Plastic Step Stools for $5 per stool, and the convenient items have 4.8 stars. The regular Dollar Tree doesn't sell collapsible step stools. 

Finally, you can buy toilet paper at Dollar Tree Plus, believe it or not. The Harmony 2-Ply Double Bathroom Tissue Rolls, 12-ct. is available for $5 from Dollar Tree Plus, so you shouldn't hesitate to stop by the store or order online if you're running low on toilet paper. While traditional Dollar Tree has toilet paper, too, the packages look smaller, and the one large option from classic Dollar Tree isn't rated as highly. Thus, Dollar Tree Plus provides more helpful items for your home than the not-Plus Dollar Tree.