Use These Dollar Tree Products To DIY A Low-Cost Drying Rack For Any Laundry Room

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You've got your washer and dryer, a table for folding, and DIY floating shelves for storing detergent and other supplies. What more could your laundry room possibly need? A drying rack, of course, for those items that need to hang dry or that just can't be folded without wrinkling. Even if you've already maxed out your laundry room budget, there's no need to worry. You can build a wall-mounted drying rack using Dollar Tree items for just $2.50.

All you'll need to assemble your drying rack is a Dollar Tree broom and mop holder and a Dollar Tree broom handle. For tools, the project will require a sharp knife or saw. Once you've gathered the tools and supplies, select the spot where you'd like to hang your rack. Before beginning, make sure the area is a comfortable height from the floor and that there is enough space to hang clothing without impeding your workspace. 

How to assemble a Dollar Tree drying rack

Turning your Dollar Tree broom and mop holder and broom handle into an inexpensive hanging rack is easy. As demonstrated by TikTok user @doitonadimeofficial, simply use your tool of choice to cut the broom and mop holder into two separate holders. If you would like, spray paint the two holders and the broom handle to match the aesthetic of your laundry room. Once the paint has dried, it's time to attach your drying rack to the wall.

Cut the included adhesive strip into two, matching the size of each holder. Use the strips to attach the holders to the wall, hanging them far enough apart to hold up each end of the broom handle. Once the holders are secure on the wall, place the broom handle between them, and your drying rack is complete. Simply place the piece of clothing you wish to hang dry on a clothes hanger and then hang it from your new rack. 

Where to purchase a pre-made drying rack

It is important to note that the adhesive strip that comes with the Dollar Tree broom and mop holder is only rated for supporting up to 4 pounds. If you frequently hang heavy wet items like jeans to dry or if you just like the idea of having a drying rack in your laundry room but you don't have the time, patience, or dexterity to make your own, there are many options for buying one that's more durable and easy to install. A static bar like the one made from a broom handle can be achieved with a towel bar home hack by installing any inexpensive towel bar on the laundry room wall of your choice. Several specialty items on the market also allow you to hang several items at once without requiring clothes hangers.

For less than $50, you can purchase a Guevara retractable rack on Amazon. Or, find a collapsable freestanding rack at Walmart for about $25. Regardless of how much time or money you choose to spend, a drying rack is a useful — and easily overlooked — addition to your laundry room. Once you've made and/or installed one, there is no laundry task you can't tackle right from your dedicated laundry room.