IKEA Seamlessly Blends Home Gym Equipment With Decor In Their Exciting New Line

This month, the Ikea furniture store is releasing a new limited edition line of furniture that not only functions as storage but as a home gym, too. The Swedish furniture company is not only putting out furniture pieces that can also be used for basic exercises in their DAJLIEN line, but weights, cushions for supporting your knees, Bluetooth speakers, yoga mats and straps, and even wellness gear. From blankets to ponchos to slippers, the DAJLIEN line has everything you need to work out at home and destress afterward. All the products in this special line have soft pastel colors meant to match the decor of your home.

Sarah Fager, a designer at Ikea in Sweden, explained the goals for the company's new furniture line to the Ikea Newsroom: "Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym and at home we often deal with small space and time constraints. DAJLIEN was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise", Fager said. "We wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity."

What the Ikea gym equipment line includes

One very versatile product from the DAJLIEN line is a bamboo bench with a removable top for storage that doubles as an exercise bench. You can keep your weights or other workout gear inside of it, neatly tucked away for whenever you need it, and the bench functions as a coffee table when not in use. Ikea is also selling a sleek white utility cart with large bamboo wheels to hold your equipment when you're done working out. And since the company's exercise mats come in stylish green colors, they could easily double as simple rugs, or you could roll them up and stash them in the utility cart. Additionally, the DAJLIEN step stool is a gorgeous light-colored wood that's perfect for leg day or reaching something on the top shelf of your cupboards.

With their new limited edition line, Ikea hopes to help their customers experience comfort, convenience, and style when working out at their home gym. Akanksha Deo, another designed at Ikea in Sweden, told the company's newsroom about the goals of the collection: "DAJLIEN is all about supporting movement and helping people live more active lives at home. We have designed a collection that helps bridge the gap between home and active life, that recognizes that training can take many shapes and forms and that you don't need a lot of space to do a simple workout", Deo said.