Remove Stubborn Ink Stains From Your Countertops With This Handy Beauty Staple

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It doesn't matter if your little one colored on your countertops with markers or if you accidentally got ink on them while writing your grocery list, stubborn ink stains can make any space look messy. If you've tried soap and elbow grease, you've probably been disappointed by the results. Does this mean your counters are permanently damaged? No, just reach for a can of hairspray. That's right — you can have perfectly tamed locks and clean countertops, with nothing more than a spritz from your favorite beauty line. 

It's worth noting that hairspray is flammable, and if you're using it in the kitchen, always be sure to do so away from open flames and hot surfaces. But for this incredible hack, you won't need to use much hairspray, and you'll quickly wipe it away. The great thing about this trick is that you can also use hairspray to remove ink stains from wood furniture, making this bathroom staple is a versatile cleaning tool for stubborn spots. Additionally, you can use it to remove stains from your laminate countertops and flooring. Here's how. 

Apply hairspray to countertops and wipe clean

To carry out this hack, you just need to use hairspray wherever you have marker or pen on your countertops. All you need to do is spray enough to cover the area, wiping it clean with a soft cloth so as not to scratch any surfaces. You'll want to clean the surface with some soap afterward, removing any residual chemicals from food prep areas. But once you're done cleaning your counters with hairspray, you'd never know they were once marked and scuffed up.

You can also use rubbing alcohol if you don't have any hairspray handy, as this key ingredient is what makes this trick work. Alcohol breaks down dry ink, and a can of hairspray contains as much as 50% alcohol. High-end hairspray can also be well over $20, so you might be hesitant to use it for this trick. Instead, you can purchase a bottle of rubbing alcohol at Target for about $4, making this hack easy and affordable. It's worth noting that there are some things you should never clean with rubbing alcohol, including granite and marble surfaces, so you should be mindful when applying any chemicals to stone. Instead, water down any alcohol and quickly wipe it clean for the best results.