This Natural Ingredient May Be The Secret To Spotlessly Clean Tile Countertops

Transitioning into using more natural products to clean your house can be extremely rewarding, especially since the absence of harsh chemicals is healthier for everyone within your dwelling. But not all stone is created equally, and using the same cleaners for all your hard surfaces is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to cleaning your tile countertops, in particular, finding the ideal natural product can be tricky, since you're dealing with two different materials: grout and the tile itself. Many people have touted Castile soap for the job, thanks in large part to its gentle ingredients that can clear away dirt and grime without damaging counters. The ingredients in Castile soap usually include olive oil or oil alternatives like coconut, hemp, or castor, and lye. This combination results in a powerful cleaning agent that can pull grime from surfaces and clear away grease and residue easily, without abrasive ingredients that could corrode your grout or tiles.

Not only does this hack work, but it will keep your surfaces from incurring scratches, build-up, or a chemical-induced reduction in shine, which can occur with products like bleach or ammonia cleaners.

Castile soap is your new go-to tile cleaner

To get the best results from your Castile soap when cleaning your tile countertops, mix it with water before adding it to the surfaces. Combine ¼ cup of the soap with 4 or more cups of water in a bowl or bucket. The water should be warm, which will enhance the mix and aid in cutting through the toughest of grease and removing food or any other detritus that has accumulated. Choose a soft cloth or towel made of microfiber or similar materials, as these will be gentler on your tile and grout than a sponge or scrubber. The less abrasive your cleaners, the better for your surfaces as tile can get dull or succumb to scratches after continuous exposure.

If you want to add a little boost to your Castile soap mixture, you can throw in a couple drops of essential oil. These aren't acidic, so they aren't detrimental to your tile. You can find Castile soap already scented in-store, and the price range for both scented and unscented varies from $3.19 to $64.99 on the Dr. Bronner website, at the time of writing. After you've cleaned your surfaces with the soap and water, use a fresh towel and just water to wipe away excess cleaner. The Castile soap is gentle on grout while still getting it clean and will leave the tile looking fresh.