Are Tile Countertops Coming Back In Style?

Predominantly popular in the 1970s and '80s, the tile countertop trend has laid dormant over the past few decades — homeowners typically opting for sleek sheets of granite, marble, or rustic wood as their chosen countertop material. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Home Made Easy in February 2020 that asked respondents about what they consider to be the worst home décor crazes of the past 50 years, almost 30% of voters felt that — when it came to the kitchen — tile countertops topped the list.

But in 2022, attitudes toward tile countertops seem to be far more favorable than they were two years ago. As homeowners embrace bolder and more creative interior design choices, it's no surprise that tile countertops — and their endless configuration of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from — have once again piqued interest.

Certainly not a low-maintenance option, a tile countertop will require taking real care to avoid chipping or cracking, as well as regular grout cleaning with a stiff bristle brush and vinegar and water spray (per Forbes). So it's worth bearing that in mind before you start picking your porcelain.

Tile countertops have broken free

Incredibly versatile, it's pretty unlikely that you won't be able to find a tile countertop that works perfectly in your home. While more modern and minimalist places would suit a simple subway tile countertop, period properties can pull off pretty mosaic or penny tile detailing. But for something a little more unique, Zia Tile recommends zellige tiles — a handcrafted type of clay tiling originating from Morocco, where each slab ends up unique in its depth, texture, and shade. Creating a textured and rustic finish, they feel very in keeping with the growth in popularity of more artisanal and eco-conscious interior design choices that we've seen in 2022.

Inherited an outdated tile countertop from your home's previous owner? Before you chip away at it, there are some small yet impactful changes you could do that'll make it feel considerably more modern. According to Domino, painting the trim using high-quality latex-based paint and dying the grouting a stand-out shade are just two of the possible ways you can turn a bland and boring white tile worktop into something that feels considerably more fresh and more fun. So, put down the pry bar and pick up a paintbrush instead!