This Hidden Office IKEA Hack Is Perfect For Small Spaces

Whether you work from home, study for school in your room, or simply manage your life through paperwork, having a home office is vital to keep everything organized. Unfortunately, we don't always have an extra room to turn into a home office, so we use any space to take calls and type away on keyboards. If you have a small bedroom, you know how cluttered it can feel to have a desk full of your supplies next to your bed and dresser. Or, if you work from your kitchen table, there are always multiple items left to be picked up when you're done working. However, TikTok users have devised a brilliant hack where they create hidden offices in small spaces using Ikea's PAX wardrobes.

The PAX FORSAND wardrobe has two cabinets you can customize with shelves to fit your home office needs. Add multiple shelves to hold your computer, printer, keyboard, and loose wires. They'll stay hidden behind the doors; you won't have to see them when you're off the clock. Ikea has a KOMPLEMENT shelving collection with various shelf styles you can include in your PAX wardrobe. The pullout trays and drawers allow you to organize your stationary and papers without using any of the surface areas, creating a neater space for you to work. This hack is genius because the wardrobe can occupy a vacant wall and blend in with the rest of the room, but it only holds one laptop or desktop.

Choosing your Ikea PAX wardrobe

You'll need Ikea's PAX FORSAND wardrobe, which costs $525, a KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray that is $40, a KOMPLEMNT shelf that costs $25, and a KOMPLEMENT drawer that is $35 for this hidden office hack — totaling $625 for the setup. The wardrobe is available in white, beige, and dark gray, so you can choose a color that best fits your room's interior style. A few tools you'll need are a drill gun or screwdriver. While this isn't the most budget-friendly hack, it's excellent for small spaces and allows you to switch your room between an office and a resting place.

Once you gather your materials, assemble your PAX wardrobe, following the manual's instructions. The TikTok creators who followed this hack stuck their surge protector power strip through the back wall of the wardrobe to keep all their wires hidden inside, but you can always cut a small hole through the back wall and slip the cord through it. If you plan to make a hole, it'd be best to do it before assembling the entire wardrobe. After completing the wardrobe, install your shelves and the single drawer. Finally, set up your office, installing your computer, printer, and keyboard. Take it further by giving your hidden office a makeover with posters, a calendar, and a planner to hang on the wall. There are many ways to customize your hidden office and make it feel more stimulating than being surrounded by blank walls.

Ways to decorate your hidden office

When you're working in an actual office, whether at an office building or an extra room in your home that you turned into a workspace, you can feel isolated sitting in a mundane room with blank walls. The space should be decorated with plants, couches, and a stylish rug to make the office feel exciting. The same thing can happen with your hidden office. If it doesn't get a small splash of color, you're left enclosed by blank walls that make the day drag on. Instead, decorate the small wardrobe to get you excited for your workday. For instance, cover the interior with peel-and-stick wallpaper to give it a pop of color and a fun pattern, like this neutral yet exciting option from Otto Studio. Opt for soothing and relaxing tones like green, blue, pink, or beige. Bright and flashy colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, might cause stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, buy a few extra shelves to store a couple of faux plants, books, and picture frames. You don't have to purchase a long, lengthed shelf; instead, use a couple of floating shelves so they don't take up the entire space. If you enjoy having natural houseplants, multiple houseplants can grow in low light, so you can hang a few in your hidden office. Attaching hooks to the wardrobe's ceiling allows you to hang your plants from it so you can see them throughout your workday.