Why Portable Laundry Dryers Are Lighting Up TikTok (& Which One Is Best?)

Laundry seems to be a never-ending chore because we're always cycling through sorting, washing, folding, and putting away. It can also be tricky to plan the timing and figure out how often to do it. Sometimes, things come up between laundry times and you might find yourself needing to wash or dry certain items before the hamper is full, and that's where portable washers and dryers come in. Portable dryers specifically have been trendy on TikTok as people seek convenient, practical tools that meet more realistic demands and fit in small living spaces.

Portable laundry dryers, like portable laundry machines, are simple machines that come to the rescue when you don't have in-built units in your home. They save you from having to go out to do your laundry and usually don't require any special installation. While they can only handle small loads, they come in very handy when you need to take care of a few items.

Portable dryers are convenient and practical

Price is a huge plus of having a portable dryer. It's practical for those on a budget or for those who need a temporary drying solution. As the name suggests, these dryers can be moved around easily, allowing you to place the dryer wherever it is most convenient. This is very helpful in a small apartment or home. You can also move it to a new location, which means you can pack it on a trip or move it with you to a new space hassle-free. For people living in a tight space in a big city, mobile individuals living in an RV or trailer, digital nomads, or students in a dorm room, this type of dryer can be just what you need.

It can even be used to supplement a normal dryer. One category of items that portable dryers can help out with are delicate items like underwear and other undergarments. These typically need to be washed more frequently and then dried on the 'delicate' setting which means low heat, so this kind of dryer is a good option when you don't want to run the main machine.

Recommended portable dryer options

In this TikTok, the creator reviews the $600 Morus dryer sold by Amazon. Its various settings make it feel just like a normal dryer but in a much more compact version that you can just plug in to use. It is small enough to sit on the countertop and comes with a rack that you can insert inside and place more delicate items like shoes and underwear so they don't have to tumble. Because of the hefty price tag, we think this would be the best option for someone who needs to invest in a main dryer but just doesn't have the space for a bigger one.

An even smaller product is the $105 Anyasun also sold by Amazon. The creator of this TikTok used it to dry a few items like socks, swimsuits, and shirts but found that it didn't completely dry the shirt, so we think this might be best suited for smaller or more delicate items. We see it as a great option for a very tight space or to pack with when you're on the go.