The Essential Oil That Will Leave Your Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkling

Stainless steel appliances look sleek and sophisticated, but they start to lose their appeal when they begin looking cloudy and gaining fingerprint marks. The good news is that you don't have to buy a whole new toaster or refrigerator. While there are various ways to make stainless steel shine like new, eucalyptus oil will get your appliances gleaming in just a few minutes. And, you need nothing else except a couple of soft cloths and some water.

Essential oils are known for adding scent in a natural way to the home and can be used in diffusers to try and ease various ailments. With eucalyptus oil, not only will your home smell like you're taking a fresh walk through the forest, but your coffee machine, stovetop, and sink will be grime-free. Using this multifaceted oil to shine your stainless steel items is also a good way to stay away from typical steel cleaners if you're taking a step toward natural ingredients (though this does not mean all natural cleaners are risk-free). 

Eucalyptus oil makes your stainless steel shine

To get started, dampen a soft cloth, making sure you don't soak it. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the same cloth and wipe the appliance you're working on. When you're done, go over the surface with another clean cloth, this time a dry one, to ensure you end up with a streak-free shine. 

The reason eucalyptus oil works to remove streaks from stainless steel could be because it contains a compound called cineole. Cineole is not only a degreaser but also may have some antibacterial properties. While eucalyptus oil is thought to be able to kill some bacteria, it shouldn't be used as a replacement for disinfecting stainless steel appliances or countertops. According to the ASPCA, eucalyptus oil is toxic to cats and dogs. Even when inhaled, it can be harmful to your pets, so consider placing them in a different room when cleaning with the oil and storing it where it won't be easily found. 

Finally, it's always best to spot test via an inconspicuous area before potentially causing your expensive appliances (like that high-end coffee machine you just bought) to look cloudy. You can do this by rubbing a small amount of eucalyptus oil on a cloth and leaving it for a few minutes. If all looks fine, you can clean the rest of the appliance.