Create An Expensive-Looking Dining Table For Less With This Ingenious DIY

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If you have your eyes on a relatively pricey dining table, you're certainly not alone. However, not everyone has the kind of money needed to purchase a table that costs a small fortune. That's the situation that TikTok user @simplyalchemy found herself in. When she wanted a herringbone dining table that cost a whopping $3,000, she decided it wasn't in her budget. Instead, she opted to make a statement dining table that looks just as expensive but costs a fraction of the price. We're talking about a mere $200, which is obviously impressive. You can do the same and save yourself some money.

In @simplyalchemy's video, DIYer Alyx can be seen laying pieces of wood out on a door that has been set down flat. The wood has been arranged on diagonal angles, which gives it a chic look. After removing the wood and prepping the door with adhesive, the wood is returned into place. Each one is nailed down before wood filler is added to any potential gaps or grooves. When that has dried, the ends of the wood are cut off so the piece is perfectly rectangular. After sanding the surface well, pre-stain, wood finish penetrating stain, transparent color wash, and wipe-on poly clear stain are added in different layers. The result is a wooden herringbone table that's both stunning and enviable. It's also something you might want to try out if you know exactly what you want and what might alter the cost.

What affects the cost of this DIY dining table?

In the video by the TikTok user, Alyx points out that she couldn't pay $3,000 for a dining room table. However, she was able to recreate the vibe for just a couple hundred dollars. As for the exact cost of your expensive-looking dining table, that will depend on a few factors. For instance, if you already have an old door you can use, then you won't have to pay for one, which will certainly save you some money. The same goes for wood. If you have to purchase a few panels, the price you'll pay will depend on what kind of wood you decide to use and how big you want your table to be. Planks like Vintage Harvest reclaimed lumber found at Lowe's would cost $105.98, whereas Reliabilt unfinished poplar boards at Lowe's would only set you back $8.98.

On top of that, the size of your table will determine how much stain, wax, and other finishing products you'll need on the surface. That's not to mention the legs you'll need for your DIY dining table. If you have old table legs you can use, then there's something else that's totally free. On the other hand, if you have to buy new ones, consider these VitaPoria metal table legs on Amazon for $54. Of course, the cost will also be altered by any customizations that you opt for when making your expensive-looking dining table on a budget.

How to customize your expensive-looking dining table

If you take a peek at the video from Alyx's TikTok, she has used sleek black pieces as the legs for her expensive-looking dining table. They happen to perfectly set off the light color of the wood that's been used for the surface of the table and ensure that it looks like a pretty pricey item. Although you could do the same, you could also opt for any number of changes that will make the table perfect for you and your home.

For instance, you could choose inexpensive wood boasting a different color or a captivating grain. For instance, Pine Common Boards are at Home Depot for about $13. You could also opt to stain the wood. Varathane Wood stains, seen in Home Depot for nearly $13, can be found in several different shades, or you could just leave it as-is for a more natural look. You may also want to fully paint the table if you like a little more color. Beyond that, you can leave the surface rather rough or make sure to sand it until it's smooth. That's not to mention the countless choices you have when it comes to legs and other finishing touches like carved details or trim. Take the vibe of your expensive-looking dining table up a notch by pairing it with chairs that are just as chic. The options are endless!