The Property Brothers Offer A Money-Saving Solution When It Comes To Updating Kitchen Cabinets

The material and installation costs of kitchen cabinets range widely. If you don't do enough research or explore a variety of options, they can end up consuming a lot of your budget. One way to cut costs when updating kitchen cabinets is to look outside the big-box stores for alternatives like salvaged cabinets or display models. With just a bit of freshening up, you'll be able to get the look you want for a fraction of the price. Another money-saving solution, as suggested by the Property Brothers on their hit HGTV show, is to get the right frameless cabinets.

Two benefits of frameless cabinets are that they provide more space than framed cabinets and generally take less time to install. This simple, straightforward setup which originated in Europe is also great for a modern, minimalist kitchen theme which is perhaps why all of IKEA's cabinets are frameless. In terms of the costs, it's important to know that cabinets won't be automatically cheaper because they lack frames and you will save costs only by getting them from the right source.

Frameless cabinets

On season 14 episode 18 of "Property Brothers", Drew and Jonathan Scott had to work around a tight renovation budget and a termite emergency so Jonathan quickly identified frameless cabinets as a way to slash costs and make up for the unexpected expense. He explained this to the client and told her they would save $10,000 based on the kitchen size and cabinets needed. She didn't mind at all and was only determined to have the right color, so they were able to salvage the situation.

Framed cabinets refer to the cabinet boxes that include frames on the front. The frames can give more dimension and make the cabinets sturdier because the hinges can be attached to them instead of directly to the box. Eliminating this part of the box, then, could technically mean you can expect lower prices but it isn't always a given. Prices mainly depend on the materials used, the craftsmanship involved, the installation labor required, and where you purchase the product so keep this in mind when shopping for frameless cabinets.

Shop economically but go after quality

As an expert, Jonathan Scott knew how to find affordable frameless cabinets. The no-so-secret is to shop with standard brands and providers like IKEA instead of upscale, luxury ones. Never sacrifice affordability for quality, though, and ensure you get cabinets that have quality materials and are well-constructed. In the case of frameless cabinets, they don't have the added frames for support, so the boxes need to be well-made to sturdily hold up the hinges.

In addition to affordability and durability, find first-rate accessories. The Property Brothers did this by investing in quality hardware for the cabinets. They added brushed-gold door pulls and knobs which boosted the chic effect of the dark color and made the slim cabinets look even more elegant. "I love this look; it's cleaner," said Drew Scott (via Realtor). The couple was also happy with the final look of their new kitchen and were glad the cabinets didn't give away the fact that the budget was smaller.