DIY Beautiful Candle Holders From Outdated Light Globes

For anyone who thinks of thrifting as a treasure hunt, this DIY trend will give you plenty of reason to hunt through your favorite shops in search of the ultimate find: outdated light globes turned candle holders. That's right, those vintage globes that look like they came straight from the 70s, 80s, and 90s? Those can be upcycled to create chic candle stands and covers! No matter your theme, there is a light fixture out there for you, just waiting to be repurposed, so grab your thrifting gear and get ready for an easy hunt and craft day (or night).

The first step to your own vintage DIY candle holders is finding your light globes. These can come from old bathroom light fixtures, ceiling fans, or smaller hanging lamps. Most thrift stores are full of retired lighting fixtures, so you will likely find an assortment of globes when hunting through your local shops. Once you have your lampshades, it's time to get crafty. Depending on your home's theme and decor, you can paint the exterior of the globes to suit these, using either spray paint or acrylic if you plan to incorporate designs. If the shade is attached to an appliance, remove it so you are only dealing with the globe and nothing else.

How to decorate your new candle holder

Place your light shade on a paint-safe surface and cover the entire thing with the spray paint of your choice, or play around with stencils and hand-drawn creations. For globes that already have texture or don't boast smooth surfaces, spray painting them might be the easiest and most effective option. Let the shade dry completely. Once your new candle holders have dried, you can either place fake tea light candles inside or add real candles with or without glass votives. The size of your candle will depend on your globe size, so measure the opening where the light bulb used to sit to see what sort of insert you need.

Thanks to the flattened bottom on your light fixture, you can place these repurposed holders on tables, a mantle, shelves, or anywhere else around your home with a stable surface. If you want to upgrade these globes even more, you can always attach them to wood blocks to create a candle stand. These blocks can sit vertically or horizontally and may be stained, painted, or sanded to suit your interior. To keep candle holders in place, you can use a hole saw to drill circles that will fit your globe's bottom circumference inside, preventing them from tipping over. This is especially helpful if you plan to use these outdoors. These also make great gifts, so get thrifting!