Epsom Salt Is The Star Of This Stunning DIY Candle Holder

There is something indescribably special about the sparkly iridescence that comes with a fresh coating of brand-new fluffy snow. Each individual frozen crystal seems to reflect the light as if it were a piece of perfectly crafted natural glitter. If you've ever wished that you could recreate that gorgeous snowy shimmer inside your warm and toasty house, we've got the perfect easy, inexpensive DIY project for you: Epsom salt candle holders.

All you'll need to create your very own snowy, sparkly winter candle holders is a couple of glass jars or candle holders (new or recycled), craft paint (optional), decoupage glue, and Epsom salt. If you'd like, you can also add a few embellishments, like twine, artificial berries, or a few sprigs of greenery — all of which are available at your local Dollar Tree for just $1.25 each. As for Epsom salt, you can snag a 3-pound bag for about $5 from Amazon Basics. 

How to create snowy candle holders

Before you can create your new snowy candle holders, you'll need to gather your supplies. You can use any glass jar, including those that are left over from groceries like salsa, baby food, or applesauce. Even an empty marinara sauce jar will do. Otherwise, you can always just purchase plain glass candle holders or jars. If you would like your candle holders to have an opaque snow look, you'll want to paint the outside of them with a coat or two of white craft paint. If you'd prefer a more transparent aesthetic, skip the paint. 

Spread out your Epsom salt on a large plate or baking sheet. Liberally apply decoupage glue to the sides and rim of each jar or candle holder. If you're painting your holders, allow the paint to dry thoroughly before applying the glue. Then, roll each jar in the Epsom salt until fully covered in sparkly, snowy magic. Let the jars dry overnight and then add candles and any desired embellishments. 

Optional ways to dress up your candle holders

If a sprig of greenery or a wrap of twine doesn't feel like quite enough for your frosty new candle holders, there are plenty of other accessories that can make them stand out even more. You could use twine or ribbon to attach a sparkling snowflake ornament from Dollar Tree or a few mini-ornaments — like the ones in Sweetfamily's 24-pack — from Amazon. You can also focus your attention on using your candle holders to create a more elaborate holiday centerpiece.

Consider using a mirror as your centerpiece's base to mimic ice. If you'd like, you can add a coat of frosted glass spray paint to make it more realistic. Over time, some of the Epsom salt will flake off of your candle holders onto the base and look like fallen snow. Arrange small holiday décor items — like tiny gift box decorations from Walmart and artificial poinsettias — with natural elements — like pinecones or twigs — on the mirror, along with your fully decorated snowy candle holders. Then, simply stand back and admire your work.