The IKEA Product That Will Turn Your Walls Into A Beautiful Art Gallery

If you've been looking for the best way to create the perfect gallery wall in your home, look no further than IKEA's stunning BJÖRKSTA picture frame. The 78 ¾ x 55-inch frame allows you to bring tiny screen photos to life on your wall. Many gallery walls consist of art and photo frames you find at your local thrift stores, retail stores, or gifts from friends and families that you fill with your favorite memories, artwork, and meaningful quotes. Although, they're often arranged asymmetrically along the wall instead of taking up the entire space. With this IKEA frame, you'll have a gorgeous museum-like gallery in your home. They'll take up the whole length of the space; you'll be able to stack a couple on a single wall. If you're having trouble deciding where to hang your frames, we know the four best places in your home for a gallery wall

TikTok user @all_things_home_with_huk made a video showing how she used her IKEA BJÖRKSTA picture frames to display large-scale photos of her family in one of her rooms. The frames can be used to display anything that brightens your day, whether it's pictures from your favorite vacation, a picture of your pets, or a family photo. They're effortless to use, and you can display your artwork and photographs in a couple of different ways.

Setting up your IKEA BJÖRKSTA picture frames

IKEA sells the BJÖRKSTA frame on their website for $52.99. You can purchase the frames individually or buy the frame with a picture sold by IKEA. There are different pictures you can choose from that range at different prices. For instance, IKEA has a woodsy photo and frame duo for $122.99 and a cow in grasslands in the frame for $97.99. However, you can print out any photo you want to display in your home.

Once you receive your frame, the assembling process is straightforward. IKEA gives you everything you need, including the tools, so you can attach the screws without needing to buy a screwdriver. The frames are connected by metal corner pieces that are secured by screws. Once you fit each corner piece into the frame, attach the screws and hang it on your wall with the brackets that come with the frame. When you're ready to add your photo, you can do it in two ways: lay the picture over the frame and tuck it into the backside so you can't see the frame, or attach the photo from behind.

On the other hand, if you want giant frames but smaller photos, you can follow TikTok user @all_things_home_with_huk's trick by printing pictures that are smaller than the frame and attaching them directly in the middle of the frame and wall to give the illusion that the frame holds them up.