Why You Might Want To Think Twice Before Buying IKEA's HYLLIS Shelving

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IKEA has many unique, essential products that improve clutter around the house. Their simple, sleek furniture is affordable compared to other retailers and elevates any modern interior. In addition, IKEA furniture is perfect for any DIY project. Folks love DIYs with IKEA's BILLY Bookcase because they're versatile, durable, and inexpensive. However, not all IKEA products will be worth the hype or the money. If you're in dire need of a new shelving unit for your garage, pantry, or bedroom, some TikTok creators rave over IKEA's HYLLIS shelving being one of the best shelving units for their home, but you might want to think twice before buying them. While the unit's galvanized finish elevates every room, some shoppers have difficulty assembling the shelving unit. The pre-drilled holes didn't line up with each other, preventing customers from assembling the unit themselves; instead, needing an extra hand.

If you live alone, you'd be better off finding another shelving unit to incorporate into your home that's easy to assemble and affordable. However, if you can't beat the price and have someone around to help you, be patient. You might have to drill a few things or swap the screws to make everything fall into place. Even if you have the patience to assemble the HYLLIS unit, it won't always work. Here's why you'll want to skip this IKEA product.

Advantages and disadvantages of IKEA's HYLLIS shelving unit

IKEA's HYLLIS shelving unit is basic and affordable, which makes a great piece if you're looking for something to fill an awkward wall or need shelves to add extra home storage. You can purchase the unit on IKEA for $24.99; it's a bargain for an entire four-tier shelving unit. Further, the galvanized metal finish is simple yet versatile, allowing it to fit in contemporary, minimalist, neo-industrial, and other interior styles. While customers love the HYLLIS finished look and its ability to hold multiple items, they claim it's flimsy and challenging to assemble. TikTok creator @eatplantlove stated she could bend the shelf easily if she wanted to since it's thin. Plus, the shelves aren't adjustable, making them hard to work with when attaching them to the brackets.

On the other hand, folks created a thread on Reddit where they discussed their experience with the HYLLIS shelving unit. A few users claimed they needed an extra person to help them assemble it. The shelves and brackets all have pre-drilled holes, which customers had trouble aligning perfectly and inserting the screws. Multiple customers on IKEA's review page said they had to force a few screws into the holes after they finally managed to line them up. Many shoppers gave up after spending a few hours trying to put together the shelving unit and decided to return it. However, if you're determined to make the unit work, there are a few ways to make the process smoother.

Ways to assemble unit easier and alternative options

One of the main issues customers had when assembling IKEA's HYLLIS shelving unit was being unable to insert the screws into the pre-drilled holes. IKEA's instruction documents advise using a handheld screwdriver, but many customers who successfully assembled the unit, even with difficulty, claim that a drill gun works better. When deciding which shelves to install first, opt for the middle ones since you won't have to try to squeeze them in at the end. It'll allow you to add the top and bottom shelves more easily once the middle section is secure. 

However, if you don't want to struggle to put together a challenging unit, we found a couple of affordable shelving units that will work perfectly inside or outside your home. Walmart has a heavy-duty four-tier unit that costs $29.98. Each shelf can hold up to 70 pounds, allowing the entire unit to hold a maximum of 280 pounds, which is more weight than IKEA's HYLLIS unit, where each shelf holds about 30 pounds. It's easy to assemble and durable, but the downside is it only comes in black. However, Amazon has a more stylish four-tier unit for $31.13 in multiple styles and finishes. It's perfect for indoors and assembles in 5 minutes without tools. Each shelf holds 15 pounds maximum, but it's sturdy and durable.