This Creative Pool Noodle Hack Makes For The Perfect Superbowl Party Home Decor

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How do you decorate for a Superbowl party? If you have a vested interest in either of the teams playing, that's certainly an option, but a lot of people watch it just for the atmosphere, the halftime show, and yes, the commercials. So an all-encompassing watch party should feature d├ęcor that celebrates the game itself: the field, the plays, and especially the scoring. And as the goalposts standing sentry in the back of either end zone are such iconic symbols of the sport, this pool noodle hack is just the thing.

When it comes to party supplies for the NFL Championship game, you can find any number of football shaped serving dishes and gridiron themed table linens. The more resourceful among us may also acquire or DIY a snack bowl out of a football helmet. But for a quick and easy DIY that screams football, TikTok's trick for making a goal post out of pool noodles is nothing short of a touchdown.

How to make a goal post out of pool noodles

A goal post is a simple design. Think of it as the letter Y in a block print font. There is a center post that holds up a horizontal bar with two vertical bars on either end. In the NFL, the base post is 10 feet tall, the crossbar is 18 feet, 6 inches wide, and the uprights are 35 feet tall. So while your goal post certainly doesn't need to be built to scale, if you want it to look close to correct, the crossbar should be more than 1.5x but less than 2x the length of the center post, and the uprights should be about twice the length of the crossbar. Therefore, if your center post is 1 foot tall, your crossbar should be between 18 inches and 2 feet long and your uprights should be between 3 and 4 feet tall.

Pick up some pool noodles at Dollar Tree, along with yellow crepe paper and packing tape. Cut your pool noodles to size; serrated and utility knives are some of the best tools for this. Wrap them with crepe paper, twisting it around the noodle and tucking the ends into the center noodle hole. Secure it with packing tape, then attach the noodles with the packing tape and cover the joints with more crepe paper. Hang it on your wall, and for added flair, suspend a football or football balloon in between the uprights.