The TikTok-Viral Shoe Organizer That Will Add Style And Space To Your Closet

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Finding the right pair of shoes to match your outfit can be challenging. There are a multitude of brands, colors, and styles that make it impossible to have just a couple of pairs of shoes. Some folks love collecting shoes, while others don't mind owning three solid pairs that will go with anything. However, collecting shoes takes up space in your closet. You can keep them in their respective boxes, but they can be too bulky and create a mess when trying to remove a pair from the bottom of a stack. You can use a shelving unit to organize your shoes, but it's hard to keep it tidy. Shoes will end up slipping out or getting piled on top of others, creating chaos. Instead of reorganizing the shelves, your shoes can have a personal cubby in TikTok's viral shoe organizer: clear stackable shoe bins with doors.

TikTok user @sarahhelisabethhh made a video organizing her shoes in a clear cubby organizer that went viral. She got more than 99,000 likes and 2.7 million views on her video, and users filled her comment section raving over the ingenious shoe organizer. Many users claimed they needed it immediately, while others stated they had too many shoes for the cubbies. However, most comments agreed it's a practical and smart way to store shoes. This method will keep your shoes in pristine condition while adding space and style to your closet.

TikTok's viral shoe organizer

The stackable clear shoe organizer is sold on Amazon in two sizes: large and XX-large. The large size is $39.99 and holds up to a size nine shoe, while the XX-large bins are $59.99 and hold up to a size 14 shoe. Each set has 12 cubbies included, which is perfect if you own multiple pairs of shoes. However, if you're a shoe collector, you might need to purchase a few sets to hold all your pairs of shoes. The best thing about this shoe organizer is they're in clear bins, so you can see through into each container and pick the shoes you want to wear that day.

In addition, it's an exceptional space saver. Shoe storage benches are tricky to store in a closet without enough space, but you can choose how to stack these cubbies to fit perfectly in your closet.  You can stack them to be the same height or create a staircase look if you place them under your hung clothes. Set up the taller side under the shorter clothes and the lower end under the taller clothes. It'll help keep your shoes organized and make your closet look tidier.

Even though this product went viral for storing shoes, its functional design makes it multipurpose and you can use it for anything your heart desires. You can set up the bins in your hallway, kitchen, garage, or living room to store toys, books, board games, and other small daily items.