Are The TikTok-Approved Toilet Seat Handles Really Worth Buying?

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Scroll through TikTok long enough and you're bound to be introduced to a new must-have product. According to Business Insider, of every 1000 TikTok videos, a third of them are some sort of ad, and differentiating between what is an honest review and what is a sponsored post can be tricky. While a sponsored post doesn't necessarily negate what is said about the product, smart consumers know to dig a little deeper. We examined TikTok-approved toilet handles to determine if they're worth buying — we found that while there isn't a wide need for toilet handles, they can be a beneficial modification for parties who need one. 

If you search for toilet seat handles online, you will find a few different modification devices. For this article, we're focusing on the tabs that are affixed to the bottom of the toilet seat and cover. There are multiple styles available, though Lifty Loo boasts that they are the "original toilet seat handle." We dug through reviews from some of the most popular models to determine the general satisfaction with handles as a whole. 

The pros and cons of toilet seat handles

The lid tabs make lifting seats easier for those who may have difficulty lifting a standard configuration. Lifting requires finger and thumb dexterity as well as a certain level of hand strength. It poses a challenge for someone with arthritis who likely has reduced hand function. An exterior handle improves the grip and removes the need to slide your hand into the small space between a seat and the toilet. 

Handles also keep your fingers safer when putting the seat down or closing the lid. Heavy toilet seats tend to lower fast and slam down against the ceramic bowl. If it unexpectedly slams down before you've removed your fingers, you might be in for a painful experience. Additionally, children who have recently discovered their ability to use the seat will no longer be at risk for injury. 

Amazon product reviews also illuminate the downsides of the handles including their ability to stick to the seats and the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. Some dislike the appearance of the handles — toilets are known for being oblong or round and the tabs disrupt that smooth shape and appearance. Moreover, according to reviews, the adhesive stickers on the underside of the handles offer a weak bond. The issue, while an annoyance, is easily solved by replacing the stickers — nano tape is easy to apply, strong, and mess-free. 

Alternative ways to modify your toilet seat

Similar additions, like this silicone toilet seat lifter from Amazon, are designed to improve your grip. Silicone lifters loop around the seat like a belt and have a piece that dangles along the outside of the bowl. The dangling piece is easier to grab should you have limited dexterity. By pulling on it, you will lift the seat. This modification also presents a more hygienic way to lift the lid for use or cleaning. 

Toilet seat handles aren't the only modification you can make to your toilet. Depending on the accommodations you need, there's likely an alteration to match. Consider foam or rubber bumpers, like these from Amazon, if you're concerned about little fingers getting trapped under the seat. Typically sold in a multipack, seat bumpers create space between the seat and the toilet bowl, so there's less chance of a hard lid slamming down. Should you prefer the lid stay closed at all times, Amazon also sells toilet seat locks that prevent your children or fur babies from gaining access to the toilet.