Customize Your IKEA GLADOM Side Table With This Colorful Mosaic DIY

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While side tables are a great addition to any room, you may begin to grow weary of its design if you own something simplistic. If you're longing for a unique option but don't know where to find one, then upgrading your IKEA GLADOM, rather than throwing it away, could be a fantastic alternative and will help you to achieve a unique look without spending hours furrowing away online searching for the perfect piece. All you have to do is apply your mosaic tiles on your table, and you will be left with a stunning result. Not only does it look the part, but it also helps if you want to upcycle your old furniture — not to mention that it's healthier for the environment, too.

To make this for yourself, you'll need to grab some leaf-shaped tiles in various colors from Mandala Art Mosaics, which start from $9 for a small bag and increase to $23 for 250 grams. You'll also need some mosaic glue, which you can find on the same website, or another appropriate adhesive for them, some mosaic grout, which is available for $48, a squeegee and sponge kit, and, of course, the golden child of the project, your IKEA GLADOM side table. Once you have everything on hand, it's time to begin the process. 

Plan out your floral design

To replicate this hack by @genevavanderzeil on TikTok, start by taking your IKEA GLADOM table (which you can purchase from IKEA for $19.99 if you don't have one already) and removing the top tray, which will make it much easier to work with. Like this, you can begin to plan out your design using your petal mosaic tiles, either using them to create flower shapes or opting for something more randomized — it's all up to you. Once that's done, glue them down and wait for them to dry, which should take around a day. Then, take your grout and apply a layer of it using your mini squeegee. Make sure you get a nice and even coating throughout all the gaps and across the table before removing any excess from on top of your tile design with your sponge. It's important not to rush while doing this, as it will affect how the end product looks, and you don't want to end up with something that looks like a complete mess.

Once you're happy, all you have to do is give enough time for your grout to cure, the time of which can vary from product to product, so make sure to double-check beforehand. After some patient waiting, you'll have a stylish side table practically bursting with color. All that's left to do is place it wherever you want, such as a lounge or outdoors.

Customize the style of your IKEA GLADOM side table

While there's no denying that this IKEA side table DIY looks stunning, there are also plenty of other ways to customize it. For example, you could experiment with some different shaped tiles to create a different design, such as these mixed color mosaic ones off Etsy for $4.32 to create a more "traditional" look, or some square shapes for $11.50 each off Mandala Art Mosaics. If you have something very specific in mind, there's a wide assortment of options online, too — it all depends on what type of look you want to go for. However, it's not just the tiles and style that you can play with; you can also experiment with the shape of your table.

Although this hack incorporates the IKEA GLADOM, you could try an Amale Butler table from Wayfair for $107.99, which has a wooden finish, or a cheaper option, such as this square tray side table from Amazon for $84.99. For something unique, there is also this custom side table from Lowe's for $139, although it's on the pricier end. Of course, you have the option to paint any of these tables before adding your mosaic pieces, which helps if you have a very specific color palette you're working with. Nevertheless, you may already have another piece on hand at home that you want to upcycle, which, in that case, will save you plenty of money and should still look great!