TikTok's Dollar Tree Lint Bin DIY Elevates Any Laundry Room's Style & Tidiness

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A laundry room may be meant to house your dirty laundry, but that doesn't mean the room itself should be dirty. Keeping a laundry room tidy is a tough task — to make a functional laundry room, you want to have enough storage, utilize wall space, and add practical things like baskets, bins, and hampers. All of this is great for ensuring your laundry room doesn't become just a pile of clothes on the floor, but what about things you want to get rid of, like the endless amount of lint?

Cleaning lint from your dryer is uber-important — not doing so can lead to allergies and even a dryer fire. But if the idea of walking the lint all the way to your indoor trash can stops you from cleaning it after each load, consider adding a lint bin to your laundry space. This TikTok video by user @joyfullytreasured shows a great DIY option that is not only easy but super affordable. In just three steps you'll have a cute, and functional, place to throw out your lint so you feel inclined to empty the lint basket more often.

How to create a lint bin

You can find all your materials for this lint bin hack at your local Dollar Tree. First, you will need a small trash can. If you want something a bit bigger, there are similar inexpensive options at Target as well, with this one costing just $2 for 2.5 gallons compared to the 1.75-gallon version at Dollar Tree, at the time of writing.

You will also need some poster stickers, but depending on the style you are going for, you may want to expand your search. These Peel & Stick Foil Letters from Target will give your laundry room a more trendy look, while these black ones from Amazon will make it look more classic. You will also need a sharpie paint pen — the TikToker in this video used black, but choose the color that fits your style — and either command strips or thumb tacks to attach it to the wall. Simply apply the stickers to spell "lint," add a line underneath the lid of the trash bin with your sharpie, and adhere the bin to the wall.