All The Ways You Can Repurpose Old Sports Equipment In Your Home

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Pondering what to do with old sports equipment? Hold off on crowding donation bins — that outdated set of golf clubs, hockey sticks gathering dust, or a sun-beaten boat no longer capable of maritime adventures harbors untapped potential when it comes to both decorative and functional possibilities. Repurposing old sports gear in your home is far from breeding chaos. Think of it as a platform to ignite your creative spirit to incorporate an extra layer of charm, utility, and sports theme in your home.

Imagine, for a moment, converting your nostalgia-tinted baseball bats or hockey sticks into clothes racks or reimagining tennis rackets into vintage-looking mirror frames. But that's just a sliver of what we've dug up for you. Even deflated basketballs could find a new purpose as planters, while a canoe could be reincarnated as a shelf. Your options are only as boundless as your imagination.

Donning the hat of an eco-conscious sports enthusiast, you spin an ecological mercy out of upcycling old sports equipment. Rather than exacerbating landfill burdens or letting the gear languish in neglect, you offer these items a second shot at glory. The benefits, however, transcend the environmental and financial spheres — imagine the captivating tales these repurposed gems could elicit among guests. However, merge your DIY excitement with caution. The transformations will undoubtedly be adrenaline-inducing, but some will have you tangling with a welder, needles, knife, or glass cutter. So, gear up in your safety goggles, flex those gloves, and always heed the rules of the game.

Unique coffee table from a surfboard

With a dash of artistic flair and a little handyman skill, you can give an exhausted surfboard a new lease of life as a visually stimulating and eco-friendly coffee table. Start by prepping your surfboard for its transformation: sand the surface to remove any imperfections, then finish it off with a layer of varnish. If you are after a more vintage look, opt for a matte finish; otherwise, go bold with colorful patterns. Finally, attach hairpin legs or reuse a metal base from an old table or a garage sale. And just like that, your surfboard table will become the perfect, laidback centerpiece of your living room.

Hockey sticks or baseball bats into coat racks

Next on our list of repurposing old sports equipment is the resourceful concept of transforming hockey sticks or baseball bats into coat or hat racks. Start by sanding down the rough edges for a smooth, safe surface. You could even paint them to match your walls or go for contrasting colors that pop. Fasten the hockey stick to your wall using screws or adhesive, then affix hooks or pegs along the upper edge at evenly spaced intervals; ensure enough room for hanging your accessories, whether coats, hats, or bags.

Old basketballs into indoor or outdoor planters

Your indoor garden need not be dull when your deflated soccer ball or basketballs are waiting to be transformed into classy, sporty planters that inject personality into your outdoor space. Begin by carving a logically wide opening on the ball's top. Next, puncture several drainage holes at the bottom part for optimal drainage and rot prevention. If you fancy a suspended spectacle, thread a durable cord through two opposite puncture holes near the top edge, then secure the end with sturdy knots. You can now fill the DIY basketball planter with potting soil or use homemade compost and nestle your favorite houseplant in its new attention-grabbing home. Alternatively, secure your pre-potted plant into the hole. 

DIY skateboard shelf

How about transforming a skateboard into a hip, functional wall shelf for your books, potted plants, or collectibles? Your DIY endeavor begins with stripping the deck of trunks, wheels, and grip tape — a heat gun will make grip tape removal a breeze. Next, fasten wall brackets on two wooden blocks firmly glued to the deck's underbelly. With the support mechanism in place, secure the deck on the wall by screwing the brackets into drywall anchors or wall studs. In the odd event of brackets missing in action, hang your masterpiece with sturdy cords threaded through holes on the board. Your DIY skateboard shelf is now primed for hosting your cherished possessions.

Designing a timepiece from a bicycle wheel

The dull tick-tock of the ordinary clock might be overdue for an upgrade. Envisage your old bicycle wheel or discarded racket morphing into an ingenious wall clock. Start by cleaning and disassembling the bicycle wheel. The wheel's spokes or the racket mesh can offer an intricate canvas to attach the clock hands and movement mechanism like the YOGINGO 2Pcs Quartz Clock Mechanism Kit on Amazon. Further, numbers can be represented using glued metal tags around the tire's perimeter. Consider also mounting an RGB LED strip around the wheel for that enchanting luminescent glow. Lastly, add the batteries, set your time, and hang your masterpiece on the wall. 

Constructing a mini bench from a skateboard

The age of your skateboard's active duty in the park is indeed finite, but in your mission to repurpose old sports equipment, its life as a stylish stool or bench is only beginning. First, detach the wheels with a wrench and strip the grip tape. Now, this is where creativity and function blend; see how you can repurpose construction-grade timber, metal, or old furniture parts as your bench's legs. Then, whip out your power drill and fasten the legs or base to the deck with wood screws for optimal stability. Conclude with staining the deck and the legs in thin, even layers, allowing each coat to dry well. 

Creating a baseball bat night stand

An old baseball bat can redefine its utility from a retired field play accessory to an eccentric bedside unit. The transformation starts with an assembly of a sturdy wooden base bestowed with a central cavity that can embrace the bat's handle with a snug fit. Next, slide the bat's handle through the hole and secure it with strong glue, ensuring your nightstand's leg is as stable as a home run leader. Now comes the coup de grace: a polished, appropriately sized, circular, wooden piece that, when affixed to the bat's end cap using screws, becomes a nightstand surface that will accommodate your books or reading lamp. Take it a notch higher by staining the piece in a hue that complement's your room's décor.

Fashioning a DIY golf club head rack

How about establishing an exciting point of discussion among your guests with an inventive coat rack fashioned from old golf club heads? A good start is separating the heads from the shafts. Next, choose a wooden piece of a suitable size — this will serve as the backbone of your golf club heads. Sand the piece, smoothing out every edge, and once you clean off the dust, drill holes at even intervals, setting the stage for the club heads to shine. Staining the wood is highly recommended. When you can hardly contain the excitement, put dollops of string adhesive in the holes and securely hammer in the golf club heads. Finally, mount the ingenious fixture on your wall. 

Tennis racket as a vintage mirror frame

The next candidate in our compilation of ways to upcycle old sports equipment will see you turn your old tennis rackets into mirror frames brimming with a sporty, vintage touch. Begin with the careful removal of strings from the racket, then follow up with sanding, polishing and painting. Next, measure the stringless frame's dimensions and procure a circular mirror of matching diameter;  otherwise, cut an old mirror yourself. Done, glue it to the inside of the racket frame. To enhance its robustness, apply caulk around the mirror's edges. Hang it in your mudroom, bedroom, or hallway once the adhesive dries. 

Repurposing hockey sticks into a chair

The idea of turning time-beaten hockey sticks that once buzzed with game-time energy into a stately chair couldn't be more thrilling. Kick off this project by making a chair frame using sanded wood — four legs and a rectangular seat reinforced with screws or nails for stability. Next, collect all the broken hockey sticks within your reach and slice them down to the size of your chair's seat and backrest. Then, skillfully nail or screw in the slices and watch your chair take shape. Alternatively, you could affix a preassembled hockey stick backrest to the upper part of the chair frame. If comfort is a priority, consider attaching a cushion to the seat.

Breathing new life into a boat oar with a coat rack

Imagine tapping into your watersport enthusiasm to revamp an old boat oar into a practical, good-looking coat rack. Start this transformation journey by dousing maintenance work on the oar. Clean it thoroughly, sand it to smoothness, and apply a tint of your choice for an aesthetically pleasing facelift. Decorative elements like initials and team logos will suffice for an extra dose of personal expression. Next, fasten hooks along the oar's blade for maximum utility. Once you mount this revamped oar on a wall, you usher into your space a thematic accent that pronounces your love for watersports and helps you manage household clutter, including keys.

Sports-themed memorabilia

Old sports equipment charms like liquid gold when reincarnated as wall art, embodying memories that silently narrate numerous untold stories of your sports journey. And why not let these moments come alive by dedicating a wall or a display case for your jerseys, championship pennants, autographed balls, athlete portraits, and other historic memorabilia? You could preserve clothing items and balls in glass display cases with a balance between sizes and shapes. However, for photos and documents, custom frames fit the bill. That way, you build an eye-catching gallery wall that paves the way for exciting conversations with likeminded enthusiasts and often gifts you a chance to relive your past highs.

Holiday spirit meets sports with a baseball wreath

When virtually everyone seems to be pulling off tried-and-tested holiday decorations, dare to be different. It's here you bid farewell to a traditional holiday greens wreath on your door or fireplace and embrace the charm of a DIY baseball wreath. Begin by gathering about 12 spare baseballs and drilling holes through each. Proceed to thread a sturdy wire through the holes to unify the balls in a near-perfect circle and bind the loose ends with glue for structural integrity. Ribbons, festive bows, or ornaments will suffice last for that extra layer of festive flair. In the grand finale, hang your potential magnum opus in a strategic display position poised to capture the admiration of all who gaze upon it.

Transforming a basketball into a zippered bag

Your old, punctured, or deflated basketball can take on a fresh lease of life as a zippered bag. Once the ball is clean and dry, draw an equatorial line around it to act as your cutting guide. But remember, you're not slicing the ball into two but making a modest slit that will serve as your bag's mouth. On either side of the slits, fasten a zipper by stitching it in or using industrial strength adhesive like the E6000 Clear Adhesive at Home Depot. Onto the grand finale: attach heavy-duty bag strap hardware on the opposite side of the zipper and anchor an adjustable handle or strap for portability.

Reconfigure a yoga mat into a framed message board

If you have an old yoga mat, you've got the perfect material to create a vibrant, informal message board. First, wash your retired yoga mat to remove any dirt or residues, then let it air dry. Next, trace an outline of a backing board from an old or new picture frame on the yoga mat, then cut along the marked lines using sharp scissors or a utility knife. If the yoga mat's original color seems too mundane, spruce it up with a spray paint of your choice. Once the paint dries, glue this cutout piece onto the picture frame backing, secure the combo into the frame, and boom! Your vibrant message board is ready to grace the walls.

DIY baseball bracelet

How about wearing your passion for baseball on your sleeve, or rather, right on your wrist? Introducing an exciting hack for repurposing sports gear: baseball bracelet. Begin by using a knife to slice along the narrow path between the baseball stitches, separating the leather into two long strips. Next, remove unwanted labels or dirt with acetone and trim excess threading using scissors. Go the extra mile to stitch along the sides of the separated leather strip, using the holes of previous seams to guide your embroidery thread. Now it's time to personalize your bracelet with your favorite colors, initials, or even a hot-glued decorative bottle cap. For the finishing touches, attach clasps at the ends for a secure fit.

Hockey stick picture frame

Next, we focus on breathing life into old hockey sticks by transforming them into a sorting picture frame that captures the spirit of the game as much as it will your memories. Start by measuring your photo; this will guide you in cutting your hockey sticks to the right size. You need four segments — two for the length and two for the width. Here's a trick: slice the pieces at a 45-degree angle for a seamless fit at the adjoining corners. Next, assemble the frame with the aid of glue supplemented with screws or nails. Conclude by logging in the backing board-photo combo in its new, hard-fought dwelling carrying the echos of icy battles.  

Crafting an unconventional bicycle chain bowl

Bicycle chains aren't merely mechanical devices for power transmission. With some creativity, these treasured devices can unfurl into an enchanting bowl worth gracing a wall gallery. Commence this transformation with degreasing and cleaning to eliminate grime and oils and preserve the finished product's aesthetics. Now begins the creative stage. Coil a chain in a circle form for the base and join the ends with a welder or a metal-friendly adhesive. Continue this journey by layering chain upon chain in a steady, round pattern that echoes the curves of an actual bowl. You could even deploy a metallic bowl for reference but avoid welding the chains to it. Finally, let your bicycle chain bowl cool. 

DIY basketball shopping basket

An ideal accessory for your little ones during mini-shopping sprees, make-believe games at home, and holding toys, an old basketball upcycled into a quirky shopping basket will earn you major points in creativity and practicality. The playbook is simple: execute tactical slices with scissors, leaving an inbuilt strap across the middle and a deep pocket without compromising the very essence of the ball. You don't want to shoot your groceries into a grime-ridden pocket, so call a timeout for thorough cleaning. Once your creation is spick-and-span, turn up the style and function dial with a custom-cut inner lining.  

Reincarnate a canoe or boat into a bookshelf

Last on our recommendations for repurposing old sporting equipment: an outdated canoe becomes a maritime-inspired shelf. Any signs of rot or damage need attention, followed by a thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dirt. Sanding and a lick of varnish or paint restore the boat's original glory or introduce a fresh lease of life, as you prefer. For a flat-ended rowboat, simply place it upright with its flat end at the base as the foundation. Now, if your rowboat has a pointy end or complex shape that defies gravity when upright, secure it with screws, deploying a level for perfect alignment. Your rowboat bookshelf is ready to dock your beloved books and keepsakes.