This Bathroom Staple Might Be The Easiest Fix For Those Frozen Pipes

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Nobody wants frozen pipes, which commonly occur when the temperature drops and the pipes aren't getting enough heat. They also sometimes freeze if a property isn't used often and features like the taps aren't turned on and off regularly. Requiring only a heating pad, this trick to unfreeze your pipes will come in very handy during colder weather. You may have been putting off the task, but frozen pipes can cause both your water and heating supply to stop, something you definitely don't want when temperatures drop. 

If you don't unfreeze your pipes, they could be at risk of bursting. This happens when water freezes and grows, which puts pressure on the outside of the pipe. Sometimes, the pressure gets too much and the pipe will burst. This tends to be more likely with older plumbing that isn't as strong and may be corroded. Replacing a burst pipe can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention that you could be left without water and heat before it gets replaced. Luckily, with the following hack, your pipes should be saved from freezing and bursting.

You can get the water running again in no time with this nifty trick

By wrapping a heating pad around your pipes, you'll ensure you're not left stranded without hot water even in the coldest of weather. Any heating pad seems to work in this situation. TikTok user @farmchaoscoordinater shared how they used their neck and shoulder heat pad on the highest setting to unfreeze the pipes by wrapping it around. They covered the heat pad with a towel for extra insulation. As demonstrated by @spadetofork, seedling heat mats like this one from Adawook are also a good option. Though these are designed to give plants the best chance of growing, the steady, controlled heat should thaw your pipes in a relatively short amount of time.

Depending on where you live and how cold it is, you might need to wrap more than one heating pad around the pipe/s to give them a better chance of unfreezing. This may speed up the defrosting process, too. Moreover, though heating pads are generally safe to use, you should check the area frequently to avoid any electrical faults or dangerous incidents. Note that using a heating pad on your pipes is not a permanent solution, and may only temporarily unfreeze them. If your pipes have been frozen for a long time or you notice any worrying signs, such as an expanded exterior, it's best to call a plumber.