This TikTok Find Is A Game Changer For Bathrooms With Minimal Storage Space

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In smaller rooms such as bathrooms, maximizing storage space can feel challenging, especially if all your drawers are stuffed to the brim with random items. However, by utilizing one nifty item, you could create some sneaky storage space that nobody would even know was there: a toilet roll holder with a storage box. After installing the holder, you should be left with a little more room to place any rogue items or use it as a mini-shelf while in your bathroom. Versatility is this product's greatest superpower.

If you're looking for ways to create additional storage space in your bathroom, a toilet roll holder with a storage box could be just what you need to get the job done. But, how can you know whether such an investment is really worth it? Below, we'll break down some user reviews so you can get the real scoop on how a toilet roll holder with a storage box works in day-to-day life and decide whether it's for you.

Buyer's appreciate the product's versatility

Across a span of reviews for various brands, the overall sentiment seems to be that customers appreciate the versatility of the product and what it can offer. For example, one verified purchaser of the Telihel wooden toilet roll holder (available for $29 on Amazon) shared, "This product not only is super functional, but also looks awesome in my bathroom! I love it!" While a purchaser of the Sumnacon holder (also $29 on Amazon) stated, "Love this item! Super easy to install, functional, and decorative." 

This product works double duty, holding a roll of toilet paper and stowing away items like wipes, feminine products, wrapped soap bars, small bottles of perfume or hand sanitizers, bathing products, tissues, mini bath time candles, extra razors, or any other useful item you may want to stuff away in there. One product, the Lorienta toilet roll holder (which you can purchase on Amazon for $19.99), even comes with guardrails to ensure items will stay in place if you utilize the top shelf. 

To install this toilet roll holder, all you have to do is grab the appropriate tools, which could either be adhesive or some screws and a drill, and follow the product instructions. Just make sure you measure the area you want it to go beforehand, so you don't end up with a wonky or misplaced result. When you finish, simply slide your items in, and you're good to go. 

Installation is tricky for some

Although many brands of this product are highly rated, some buyers noted that the toilet roll holders could be tricky to install. For example, one reviewer of the Lorienta noted the following, "Have to screw in the wall at a bit of an angle which I didn't like but overall it's nice." Another reviewer of the Sumnacon stated, "The holes for the wall mount were too small to fit the screw heads in the wall that they supplied ... I had to bore the [hole] a size bigger to get it to fit." It's important to keep in mind that installation may be different for everyone, as many also had positive experiences, and the process may vary depending on the brand you purchase.

Thankfully, you have plenty of options to choose from. The Sumnacon toilet roll holder has a rustic feel and is available in light, natural, and white wood. It also has placements for two rolls of toilet paper. There is also the Telihel, which offers a simplistic wooden design. For a modern option, try the Lorienta or this holder from Temu for $38, which also has guardrails on its top shelf. 

To make a bold statement, you could even paint it to match your bathroom decor. And, adding some puck lights on the underside would create an ambient lighting effect for an extra flair. All you need to do is decide if this toilet roll holder with a storage box is the right item to help you organize your bathroom