Give Builder-Grade Bifold Doors A Stunning Upgrade With TikTok's Simple DIY

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If your bifold doors are beginning to look a bit worn or you want to opt for a new look, then your instinct may be to toss them away. However, by using one nifty upgrade from @gisselleglam on TikTok, you could give your doors a decorative update into something far more modern and luxurious by using only a few simple materials. All you have to do is apply some trim to them, and you'll have an entirely new look. Of course, not only does this save you a ton of money from potentially replacing them, but it also can help your space look more modern.

Simply grab very strong wood adhesive, some plywood panels (which you can grab from Home Depot for $44.99), some wooden trim, a saw, a nail gun, sanding paper, and some navy or black spray paint with a spray painting gun. You'll also want a drill and some golden handles, such as these KNOKLOCK golden handles from Amazon for $45.99. These will help to complete the look and make them fully functional. Once you have everything on hand, you should be ready to begin the process.

Apply your trim to your doors

First, you'll want to start by measuring your doors and cutting your plywood layer to fit, ensuring that it's not too big or small. At the same time, you can also take your wooden trim and cut it to the correct size. For this particular project, you'll need four strips for the outside and three shorter strips to sit in the middle. After this is done, apply your adhesive to your bifold doors around the outside and inside sections, ensuring that you get a nice, even coating before placing your pre-measured plywood cut out on top, using your nail gun to nail the wood on top for extra security. This will act as the base of the whole design. 

Now, you can repeat the same process, but with your trim. Apply glue to each wooden trim strip, flip it over, and secure it to create a "border" around your door in a rectangular shape, with the three shorter pieces slotting horizontally across. There should be an equal amount of space between each one. When all your pieces have adhered, take your doors outdoors and spray paint them in the color of your choice, taking your time to get an even coating before allowing it to dry and adding your handles. As a result, you should be left with a gorgeous, modern-looking upgrade that is completely unrecognizable compared to before. Simply re-install them in place, and take some time to admire your handiwork.

Customize your bifold doors to your taste

Just like with many DIY hacks, you have plenty of ways to add your flair and make this your own. For example, rather than sticking to black, you have the option to paint it in other colors, such as white, to give a brighter look or pastel blue to make a subtle statement. Neutral paint colors can help create a relaxed feel, too. You could even opt for contrasting colors on the main parts of your door and your trim for an even more unique look, but what colors you choose will likely depend on the color scheme you have in your home. If you're not into painting, you can also try using self-adhesive coatings, such as this matte black PVC roll from Amazon for $24.99.

In addition to experimenting with color, try experimenting with different handles for your bifold doors, such as utilizing these brass handles from Etsy for $9.90 or these black matte cabinet handles for $19.79 on Amazon. Of course, there are plenty of other options available online to choose from, such as these crystal glass knobs off Amazon for $11.99, which you could use instead. Whichever alternatives you choose, you'll be left with a stunning upgrade to your bifold doors without having to go out and buy new ones.