TikTok Shows Us How To DIY A Faucet Cover Out Of A Few Common Household Items

The frigid temperatures associated with winter throughout much of the northern hemisphere can cause more than travel complications and uncomfortable conditions for people and pets. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit suddenly, or for extended periods, a plumbing disaster can strike. While most people who reside in cold climates are familiar with the risk of pipes freezing inside their homes, many overlook the threat associated with their outdoor faucets. These faucets should always be turned off and covered for winter.

When an outdoor faucet is left uncovered over winter — especially if it was left in the on position at the end of the previous season — water that remains in the attached pipe can freeze. Since water expands by about 9% when it freezes, this can cause the pipe to burst. A burst pipe can cause flooding and extensive water damage inside your home. Fortunately, you can simply create a faucet cover out of common household items. All you'll need is a spare towel, a plastic food storage bag, and a zip tie for each faucet. 

How to create a DIY outdoor faucet cover

If you're ready to winterize your outdoor faucet, gather your supplies and prepare to head outside. Be sure to wear appropriate winter outerwear, including warm gloves. Once you've located your outdoor faucet, check to see if the faucet was left in the on position. This can sometimes happen when the faucet is attached to a hose with an attachment that can turn the flow of water off separately from the faucet. If the faucet was left on, you may need to apply heat to melt and release the water in the pipe before you turn it off.

Use your spare towel to completely wrap and cover the faucet. Once the faucet is covered, place the plastic food storage bag over the towel. Secure the bag as close to the wall of your home as you can using the zip tie. Pull the zip tie as tight as possible. Repeat the process to cover any additional faucets. If you find that you don't have the necessary supplies, don't worry; there is more than one way to make your own faucet cover