The Viral Milwaukee Tool On TikTok Is A Game-Changer For Drilling In Tight Corners

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While a lot of drilling is straightforward, sometimes, a rather pesky or awkward angle can get thrown into the mix, which can seem impossible to work with. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be so challenging, thanks to a revelation by TikTok user @twstools, you can use the viral Milwaukee tool to insert screws into tight corners, minus the awkward hand movements. All you have to do is pop the attachment in and watch awkward angles transform into a breeze, which may ring particularly true if you work with many 90-degree angles. If you use a larger drill, then this may also prove useful. 

As a result of using this nifty little product, you should find the drilling process way more efficient, and it will open up a whole new world in terms of what you can build and create. Not to mention, it's also incredibly simple to use and you should be able to complete a whole range of projects in a timely fashion, arguably making it a tool all homeowners should have. But where can you get your hands on one?

Purchase a Milwaukee tools right angle attachment

Thankfully, this much-loved attachment is relatively easy to find. You can purchase an all-metal attachment from MSC Industrial Supply for $60.18 or a less durable plastic one from Amazon for $24.97. Once you have it on hand, all you need to do is slot the right angle attachment in place on the end of your drill and use it to secure any awkward screws, whether it's at a 90-degree or diagonal angle. If you're making pieces such as shelving or wooden boxes, then this product can come in extremely handy. However, just like when you work with any machinery, you should ensure that it's nice and secure and won't come loose, otherwise, it may make it tricky or even dangerous to use.

While Milwaukee is a great tool manufacturer that is rated highly by purchasers, you also have other options if you want to opt for a different brand or utilize something cheaper. For example, you could try this DEWALT right-angled attachment off Amazon for $24.99 or the AUTOTOOLHOME right-angle drill driver from Amazon for a cheaper $7.99. Although you may find the quality varies, it will get the job done and may be ideal if you're working on a one-off job and don't need a long-term investment.

The drill frees up maneuvering space

The reason why this hack works so well is because the shape and design of the right-angled attachment allows for space to be freed up, making it easier to move around and push any screws in rather than it bashing into the sides. Without anything to bump into, the drilling process is much easier overall. However, if you're looking to work with a wider range of angles and situations, you could always invest in some flexible attachments, too, such as this 32-piece set off Amazon for $37.99. Using this attachment, you'll also be able to maneuver into any small gaps that a regular drill would be far too large to get near, which can help you with various renovation projects

If possible, you should always follow the correct precautions and use some goggles when undertaking work of this nature, even with your new nifty product on hand. You should also make sure to check that whatever attachment you opt for is compatible with your drill before making a purchase, otherwise, you won't be able to use it. Thankfully, it should work on most cordless options. Now, all you have to do is test it out for yourself.