20 Renovation Projects You Can DIY In A Weekend

Weekends are made for relaxing. They're also for creating the home we dream of. Whether we're hoping to make it more efficient and beautiful or aiming to spruce it up for sale with organization, a deep clean, or a challenging renovation, the time and effort spent are usually rewarded. Certain improvements are sure to bring a return on investment, such as fresh paint, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and landscaping, per Fortune Builders. Other fixes make daily routines more pleasurable, and some are personal changes, making a house individualistic and uniquely home.   

A few of the ideas below require a good deal of preparation or a bit of hands-off time, yet they're doable within 48 hours. Of course, it always helps to have a buddy. We often lament how fast the weekend goes, but when there's tangible evidence of sweat equity at the end, it's that much easier to live with.

1. Create a paver walkway

Laying a paver walk or patio requires planning and preparation, yet the results will last for years with little maintenance, beautifying the outdoor space and creating function. There are various paver materials to choose from, including stone, brick, and concrete, per The Home Depot. Once you've done this project, you're on an easy street to others like it.

2. Paint the front door

Painting the front entrance door boosts curb appeal and personalizes your home. Some claim the particular color tells a story about the people who live inside — red for passion, yellow for vitality, green for generosity, and blue for honesty. Bolder hues seem to be gaining in popularity for this portal that creates a first impression of what lies beyond. 

3. Epoxy the garage floor

According to DIY Projects With Pete, epoxy garage floors look attractive, are easy to clean and maintain, and are durable and long-lasting. The slightly textured surface increases safety and can disguise pocked concrete, while aesthetically, there are different color choices that can help brighten and enliven a dull space (via AllStar Concrete Coatings).

4. Organize the entryway

An entry or mudroom is easily overwhelmed with cast-offs like sneakers, backpacks, and sports equipment. In both winter and mud seasons, things can get gnarly. Hooks and concealed storage keep things tidy — off-the-shelf cabinets offer great hidden space — while labeled baskets help with organization. And a bench provides a spot for sliding shoes on and off.

5. Install a stair runner

A carpet runner adds grip and greater safety while traveling between floors, especially important in homes with little ones and pets. DC Woodworks slipped on their stairs and decided it was time for an ounce of prevention. They also illustrated that it's the perfect opportunity for adding interest through color and pattern. 

6. Upgrade a light fixture

Customizing lighting fixtures to your taste is a great way to upgrade rooms. Plus, the look and material will carry a style theme throughout the space. With a spot already wired, the task of swapping the fixture should take about 30 minutes, according to HGTV – that means there's time to do more than one.

7. Hang window treatments

MyDomaine claims bare windows are a stunning feature, but there are many situations that call for window treatments, including privacy and the prevention of sun-fading of artwork and fabrics. Additionally, they help to maintain temperature and obviously control light flow. Choose from sheer curtains, black-out drapes, roman shades, or wooden blinds, to name a few. 

8. Deep clean the carpets

Rugs absorb their share of odors, food stains, and general high-traffic use and abuse; regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning go a long way toward care and maintenance, but occasionally they require a deep clean. Whether that's a steam treatment or the removal of area rugs for outdoor shampooing, a weekend allows time for drying and furniture rearranging.

9. Switch out interior doorknobs

Most homes come with standard, builders' grade interior doors, and that equates to ho-hum doorknobs. Akin to the effect of upgrading cabinet hardware, switching out the typical knobs for something higher-end or more unique will make an understated yet noticeable difference. They don't need to be new either — vintage knobs can be beautiful.

10. Paint brick components

Traditionalists might object to painting brick, but in some cases, it makes a home look outdated. Red brick is toned down and lightened with a wash application or white or neutral paint. In addition, it conceals stubborn soot marks. The texture is enhanced in a monochromatic treatment where there are no color variations to distract the eye.

11. Outfit the laundry room

If floor space allows, shelving units or cabinets will greatly enhance the function of the laundry room, offering storage and organization for detergents, stain removers, hangers, and delicates bags, among other items. A sorting hamper system is a must. For a tight squeeze, rely on wall-mounted shelving, drying racks, and a fold-out folding table. 

12. Paint kitchen cabinets

Repainting cabinets is inarguably one of the largest projects on this list, however, a minor kitchen upgrade is a sure way to see your home improvement efforts returned. The change can take the impression from dated and tired to fresh and current. It's also a perfect opportunity to remove grease build-up and clean out and reorganize the contents.

13. Tile a backsplash

A backsplash protects the wall behind appliances, makes for easier clean-up of splatters and mishaps, and affords a spot for a decorative accent. Choose from varied sizes, patterns, colors, and substances such as glass, ceramic, and marble. When it comes to backsplash options, the world is your oyster!

14. Wallpaper a small space

Wallpaper has made a big come-back — per Vogue, wallpaper searches on Pinterest last year were 41% over the year before — as trends swing from minimalism to bolder, more personalized spaces. For less of a design, budget, and time commitment, create an eye-catching accent wall or try a removable mural. 

15. Construct a closet system

Organized and tidy clothing makes getting ready for the day much more enjoyable, not to mention that proper storage increases garment longevity. The ideal closet system has hanging rods of varying heights, shelving for folded items, and shoe racks; consider incorporating extras like baskets, hampers, and an ironing board nook. A full-length mirror is a must.

16. Lay tile in the bathroom

If you give your bathroom tile project 110%, it will mostly come back to you because, according to Fortune Builders, one can expect about a 102% ROI for a minor bathroom remodel. Per Hiltons Flooring, installation of an average-sized room should take a beginner 16 hours; a small bath would require fewer.

17. Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Replace bathroom faucets, hardware, and knobs to create a uniform look and update the space. While chrome is a common finish, black has gained in popularity along with the farmhouse trend; and recently, unlacquered brass is making a strong showing because of its warmth and tendency to patina.

18. Power wash exterior surfaces

Moss, mold, salt — they take a toll on surfaces around our homes and put a dent in the curb appeal. Pressure washers are almost indispensable for removing staining and organic matter. They're affordable to rent, yet Consumer Reports says if you'll use it more than three times per year, it could be worth buying one.

19. Plant and affix flower boxes

Flower boxes add vibrancy and a visible spot for growing lovely things. On the front of a residence, they boost the charm factor in the neighborhood, and on a backyard shed or patio, they're a private feast for the eyes. Just be careful to plant wildlife-resistant varieties, or you'll be feeding more than your senses. 

20. Build a fire pit

An outdoor fire gathers family and friends like moths to a flame. It's key for ultimate backyard entertaining and relaxation, extending a short summer season and adding to winter festivities. Per Lowe's, a ring kit makes installation easy enough for an amateur DIYer — so you can lounge by the fire like it's your job.